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How many princesses down through history have been disappointed from kissing frogs that didn't turn out to be Prince Charmings? And how many more may have found their storybook romance in the flesh? It is perhaps hard to say, for wishes on stars render few statistics, but one thing is certain. Storybook romance still rocks among those who dare to embrace it and exchange vows in fairy tale wedding ceremonies before the likes of Tinkerbelle, Peter Pan, Jiminy Cricket, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and perhaps even the master of storybook romance himself, Mr. Walt Disney. Fantasy and fairy tales work just as well as anything else when it comes to wedding themes, but sustaining the illusion takes much wedding planning; in fact, it takes a "fairy god planner".

The first thing to do to make your fairy tale wedding successful is decide on a theme and work from there. You will need to reinforce your choice all the way through with fairy tale wedding favors, wedding decorations and wedding invitations, even if you decide to keep your wedding dress and the groom's attire more along traditional lines. You may not be able to visit the Disney Studios to wed amid the real trappings of a fairy tale setting, but you can create a storybook atmosphere if you really wish to make it so and couple that with working very hard (but not necessarily in that order).

Wedding decorations for fairy tale weddings can include Disney characters or more generic fairies; the choice is yours. There are so many fairy tales to choose from that selection can be a daunting task. The idea is to evoke enchantment and fantasy and that can seep from an endless stream of variations. Fairy tale wedding decorations can appear as subtly as a princess and her prince on top of the wedding cake to more obvious castles holding up place cards on each wedding reception table. Pumpkin carriages and stagecoaches can hold assorted wedding favors and consider magic wands to sprinkle your fairy tale wedding guests as they arrive at the reception. (Renting a renting a sprinkler isn't always easy. (They are quite specialized and very busy, you know).

Wedding favors for fairy tale weddings can run the gamut from glass slippers holding sachet to frog "kiss me" chocolates, pumpkin carriages holding candles or confetti or even small magic wands (These must be bought directly from magic dust sprinklers as wands are a monopoly throughout the free fairy tale wedding world).

Invitations for fairy tale weddings can also run the gamut of enchantment and fantasy. From a casual Jiminy Cricket and friends urging all to "come on down" to a formal request invoking your most cordial presence for glorious repast and libation to honor the nuptials of the royal couple, anything like Cole Porter used to say, goes.

The world is your wishing star and your fairy tale wedding will make it shine.

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