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Sponsored weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years. A sponsored wedding is one where much of the wedding costs are offset by allowing a particular business (or businesses) to advertise in some manner during the wedding ceremony or reception.

The businesses can benefit greatly from the arrangement because they have the opportunity to advertise their products or services to a big group of people at a rate lower than traditional advertising. The couple obviously benefits by reducing some of the wedding costs.

Though a sponsored wedding can seem like a win-win, there can be a downside. Because the concept is relatively new to many people, it is sometimes viewed as tacky. Though if it is handled properly, a sponsored wedding will still be beautiful, and most of your wedding guests will understand why you are doing it.

The key for a successful sponsored wedding is to find a balance between what you may think is too much advertising and what the sponsor may think is too little.

You don't want a 30-foot banner hanging above the entrance way of the ceremony site emblazoned with "Eric and Melissa's Wedding Sponsored By Trinity Wedding Cakes." However, the sponsor does want their brand to get noticed.

Here are some subtle ways that you can add sponsored advertising to your wedding.

So, how do you arrange for sponsors?

You have to ask.

Couples can approach vendors with the idea of a possible discounts or free services in exchange sponsorship. Be prepared to be rejected, as many vendors will not even consider the idea of sponsorship. Also, get everything in writing regarding the details of the sponsorship arrangement.

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