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A bridal shower is great opportunity for the bride-to-be to spend time with her closest family and friends. It's also the time where the bride is showered with gifts.

Traditionally, the maid of honor hosts the bridal shower. However, anyone can actually host the shower, include the bride herself. Here are some bridal shower planning tips that will make planning your bridal shower a whole lot easier.

Make the guest list.
If the shower is a surprise for the bride, the maid of honor (or whoever is hosting the showers) will need to talk with the mother of the bride or the groom to make the guest list. Only close friends and family should be invited to a bridal shower. It should be a small, simple affair.

Choose a shower theme.
The decorations, invitations and favors can center around a general theme. Some bridal shower themes include: lingerie shower, household shower, wine shower or honeymoon shower. The shower theme can also be based on the bride's hobbies.

Select the shower date.
The bridal shower should be approximately six weeks to eight weeks before the wedding date. Sunday afternoon is a popular time for bridal showers. However, anytime that is most convenient for the host and the bride is appropriate.

Send the shower invitations.
Don't use email - it's so impersonal. Instead send paper invitations and include information about where the bride and groom are registered. Be sure to indicate the shower theme on the invitation.

Follow up with guests by telephone.
About two weeks before the shower, call the guests who have not RSVP'd. You will need to get an approximate head count in order to plan the right amount of food, favors and other items for the shower.

Plan the menu.
Normally appetizers or a light lunch is appropriate for a bridal shower. Offer cake, as well as cocktails and iced tea. You can make the shower potluck, cook the food yourself, or have the food catered.

Decide what games will be played at the bridal shower.
Games should allow the guests to get to know each other. This may be the first time that some relatives and friends of the bride are meeting those of the groom. Bridal shower prizes can include manicure sets, candles, candies and other treats.

Select bridal shower favors.
It's traditional to give each guest at the shower a small token of thanks. These bridal shower favors don't have to be expensive. Truly Wedding Favors offers a variety of bridal shower favors, from bath salts to sewing kits.

By following these basic tips, the bridal shower will certainly be a wonderful event. By planning well and enlisting the help of family and friends, hosting a successful bridal shower is simple!

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