“Sometimes the Most Beautiful Thing…

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…is the one

that comes unexpectedly

and unearned…

hence…given TRULY.”*

Favors are not so unexpected but  w h a t  they are exactly-that’s the surprise–and they are given  t r u l y  if they are a thoughtful, personal expression from the heart, if they represent the wedding couple’s or party honoree’s history or passions:

Look! Purchased recently on trulyweddingfavors.com :



A playful touch for a 60th birthday party-her sister has loved Rodgers & Hammerstein’s musical “Cinderella” since they were kids. Guests can use later for their own fav photo

Elephant Candle Holder

A Canadian bride prepares for her Indian Wedding, we help design a tag for each guest’s candle: working together we come up with a (curry) red and filigree motif

Glass Slipper

Over 200 ordered by a mother and daughter for her Quinceañera, perfect symbol for the transition to high heels-and practical for their guests

*(The opening quote is by Anna Freude, by the way-)

Gleaming, Sleek:

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So grateful for a new shout-out from Onewed this month…go to www.onewed.com for a glimpse of our handsome silver dolphin bottle opener on their website–and of course, on our’s.

(I know of a bride and groom who took the high-speed ferry to their honeymoon on Catalina Island and looked out to see they were accompanied by a pod of dolphins zipping along–diving, leaping acrobatic escorts.)

And what’s so great about this favor? It shines, it is functional– and it appeals to either gender!


Dolphin Botttle Opener


What Captured the Eye…

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…of the most brides on Truly Wedding Favors Pinterest Boards, even as we head into winter?

TW6578 thumb

Brilliant Starfish Keychain

One definition of the word “favor” is: “an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.” And it’s inspiring to discover what others consider “beyond what is due.” What will make their–your–guests feel thanked and special?

Some consider a magical, slivery star fish (that is also useful to wrangle keys!) just the ticket…





Thank you OneWed.com…

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…for again featuring our favor on your wedding resource website.


And calling it gorgeous!

A little stainless steel spreader with a vintage style “cork” handle that makes it fun–it arrives inside a wood grain-printed box, tucked on natural raffia… under a transparent lid…tied with a satiny deep purple “zinfandel–or pinot noir-colored” ribbon. Pretty AND practical. A gift tag is provided.

Like they say, it’s so nice to be noticed!

Bridal Showers Favors that Will Amaze

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Eiffel Tower Curio Box FavorsThe bridesmaids are the unsung heroes behind a wedding. It is typical that for a bridesmaid to invest a week’s worth of labor and possibly a small sum of cash into her friend’s wedding. On top of that, the bridesmaid has to put up with the stress and drama that inevitably accompany any wedding. It is important to remember the bridesmaids while planning, and most importantly make them feel special and appreciated. Bridal showers favors are a great way to say thank you.
Some brides think that buying the dress is enough. Newsflash: buying the dress in NOT enough. In fact, many bridesmaids feel that if they are required to wear a certain dress, then the bride and groom should provide it.

Stun and Amaze the Bridesmaids

A wedding day is all about the bride and groom, and even the best of friends get tired of the I, me, my that comes with the territory. Though few will mention it, they almost all feel a little grated upon by the time the wedding arrives – even when the bride is as sweet as pie.
Before the wedding is the bridal shower, when the bride gets awesome gifts from her best friends. Be the smart bride and be ready to turn the tables on them with thoughtful bridal showers favors that each of them will use over and over again.

Custom picture albums or collages: Pick a small album and load with pictures of yourself and the bridesmaid through the years. When they open their gifts, initially they will think it is just the same thing for each of them. Watch their eyes light up as they flip through hand chosen pictures!

Purse, compact mirror and purse hook packages: There are so many possibilities with this concept. You could either give them all snazzy purses or compact mirror that match the dress, or you could give them all unique purses and a themed purse hook.

Get Crafty: Pick out a small, inexpensive, but cute jewelry box. Then make each bridesmaid a unique piece of jewelry, themed with the wedding colors. Tuck each piece into the box, then give each girl a unique keepsake. They will want to wear them at the wedding and beyond.
Wowing the bridesmaids is super-easy when you show them that your care for them as much as they care for you.

Plus, considerate bridal showers favors will go a long way towards softening any Bridezilla moments (you will have at least one!) that happen.

Wedding Favors for the Offbeat Wedding

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Murano Glass Flip Flop Cheese Board and Knife Set Wedding favors, the gifts that you choose as mementos for your guests, don’t have to be the same old, same old from wedding to wedding.  Your wedding is about you, as a couple, and the favors you choose should be, too.


If you’d rather spend your time in the kitchen, preparing a meal for your friends, selecting gourmet olive oil or choosing the perfect accompaniments for each course, you’re a foodie. And, we have the perfect wedding favors for your wedding, ones that are not only beautiful but great additions to any kitchen.  Our Grate Love cheese grater, Tastefully Yours cheese board and oil bottles would be great gifts for any occasion.  But, as wedding favors, they really stand out.

Wine Lovers

Oenophiles deserve their own category of wedding favors.  If you think the perfect gift is a vintage wine, you’ll find the perfect wedding favors from among our selection.  Whether it’s any of our many bottle stoppers, the Murano glass grape design coaster, opener and stopper set or a set of personalized wine glasses, any wine lover will adore our favors.


Aspiring world travelers may take on the globe, seeing the greatest cities and all the wonders of the world but, when it comes to wedding favors, they only need to browse our selection.  Whether it’s something that reminds them of their favorite romantic destination like our Eiffel Tower bottle opener or a Murano glass piece that echoes the beauty of Rome, we have the perfect wedding favor for the perfect day.  And, with the great prices we can offer our customers, ordering personalized favors, like our Suitcase Favor Tins, can make it a wedding that is truly about the happy couple’s unique bond.

Whatever your interests and passions, we have wedding favors that are you.  You can find the perfect gift for your wedding guests that will have them remembering your special day and you for years to come.  We can even match your wedding theme to something completely unique, just for you.  Your price range, your taste and your wedding can all come together.

Snowflakes, Holidays and Weddings: Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

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Winter Wonderland Wine StopperPlanning your winter wedding offers you a unique panoply of options.  From the favors to the flowers to the attire, winter weddings can incorporate your personalities, your backgrounds and your individual tastes easily.

If you start by choosing your wedding colors, you can focus on the winter hues found in nature with pure whites, pine greens and icy blues.  These shades bring the elegance and simplicity of earth’s splendor to your wedding.  Or, you can select festive shades of red and gold, combined with the green of holly leaves to make your wedding an event celebrating the joy of the season and bringing families together.

Once your color palette is chosen, you can start selecting attire and favors that coordinate with it.  For a winter wedding, warmth is obviously a priority in both gowns and suits.  The winter bride will be beautiful in a gown with long sleeves, fur trim or winter accents.  The current trend of strapless gowns lends itself well to accessories such as shawls or capelets and, of course, classically tailored jackets.  For the groom, scarves offer colorful accents and a way to bring his personality or interests into the wedding.  Many grooms choose subtle tributes to their favorite teams or movies and, by matching these accessories with other members of the wedding party, you can create a truly memorable wedding day.

Winter wedding favors are traditionally décor items such as candles, holiday tree ornaments or photo frames.  Any of these can be easily personalized with the couple’s initials, the wedding date or even a photograph of the couple themselves.  If you prefer to give more modern favors, winter wonderland wine bottle stoppers, snowflake key chains, or winter flurry place card holders are good choices.

Your winter wedding flowers may not offer the options of a June ceremony but, even in the coldest of days, you can find beautiful poinsettias, ivy, crocus, orchids, or snowberries.  Incorporating pine cones and holly can bring more natural tones in without detracting from your colors and add texture to bouquets.

Winter weddings are truly a celebration at the time of year most in need of them.  With the cold outdoors, your ceremony and reception will draw your loved ones together, reminding them of the importance of love and gathering.  Make choices that help reinforce that and you’ll have a wonderful time whether your day is in the middle of a winter wonderland or not.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Favors

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Wedding FavorsWedding favors are thank you gifts from the bride and groom to those who attended their nuptials. Historically, only wealthy families gave favors in the form of sugar cubes.

Today, the choices available for wedding favors are endless and often can be overwhelming for the happy couple-to-be. Criteria for choosing your favors can fall into many categories — theme, season, color, location, and personal memento — and all have their merits. By examining each, you will be able to choose a favor that is perfect for your event.

Theme: The favor you choose may be inspired by your wedding theme. The addition of a themed-favor will enhance the ambiance of your event. For example, if you’re sporting a beach theme, you could give personalized sandals or a picture frame with seashells on it. For a winter wonderland wedding, incorporate snowflakes or snowmen. For instance, you could give snow globes with your names and the date of the wedding on them.

You also can incorporate your wedding favors as a coordinating piece of your wedding décor. Wedding favors can be used as part of your table-setting decorations. For example, picture frames can be used as place cards, or plants can be part of the centerpiece.

Season: The time of year you hold your wedding can also spur some favor ideas and enhance the mood of the day. If your wedding is near Valentine’s Day, you could give heart shaped cookie cutters or measuring spoons. If you are getting married in the spring, wrap bulbs or seed packets in beautiful ribbon. An event in the fall could include harvest scented candles. In addition, for a holiday-time event, you could give out Christmas ornaments.

Color: Is there a signature color that already coordinates your flowers or bridesmaid dresses? If so, you could choose to work with the established colors. For a classic black-and-white color scheme, you could fill personalized champagne flutes with foil-wrapped candies to highlight the elegance.

On the other hand, you could offer a contrasting shade. If you are using a neutral palate for a beach wedding, you could provide a pop of turquoise or green with a small vase with a votive candle inside.

Location: The location of your wedding can provide ideas as well. If your reception is at a vineyard, you could hand out miniature bottles of wine with customized labels. If you are having a destination wedding, give your guests an elegant airplane luggage tag with a chrome finish.

Personal Memento: Favors could also reflect your own interests and personality. For instance, you can tell guests how “lucky” you feel to be marrying your best friend by giving lottery tickets. For couples who want to show their love of nature could give “green” favors made from recycled materials. Finally, the bride and groom can honor their guests by simply making a donation to a cause in which they believe strongly; simply announce this via an inexpensive table cards or an announcement during the reception.

There is no right or wrong way to choose your wedding favors, regardless of whichever criteria you choose to use. In the end, pick an item that will help you and your guests remember your special day.

Wedding Favors Tell Your Friends what you’re Passionate About

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Beach Wedding FavorsThere’s more to wedding favors than simply acknowledging your guests and the members of your wedding party. Wedding favors tell your friends what you’re passionate about. Do you think anyone has a Las Vegas themed wedding if they’re not passionate about casinos and Vegas shows? How about those beach weddings where everything looks like it came from Hawaii? There’s a reason for these things. The bride and groom are passionate about the object of their wedding themes.

We have Las Vegas wedding favors and beach wedding favors. We also have a number of specialty, personalized, and unique wedding favors. In fact, if you browse through our site here at Truly Wedding Favors you’ll find that we have the favors you need for any kind of wedding theme. What are you passionate about? Let your imagination run wild because when it comes time to have that special day you’ll want that passion to be on display for all to see.

Your Decisions today affect your Friends’ Choices Tomorrow

After your wedding, your friends will all know exactly what it is that you’re passionate about. How does this affect your future? For one thing, they’ll know what to buy you for your anniversary. If your theme is clear for all to see on your wedding day, the gift buying on holidays and special occasions in the future will be easier for those who remain in your circle. Those who don’t will most likely not buy you gifts during the holidays, but they’ll probably remember your theme anyway. Who knows? Maybe they’ll do something similar with their wedding.

Are you passionate about a number of different things? Browse through the pages of Truly Wedding Favors and choose your wedding theme based on the wedding favors you like best. This may seem like starting backwards for some, but many of our past customers have told us that this method was the only way they were able to finally make up their minds about a wedding theme. Of course, if you want to go with a simple classic black tux and white dress formal, we have wedding favors for that too. Take your time, choose carefully, and your wedding is sure to be an occasion for all to remember for years to come.

Let Your Imagination run wild with Specialty Wedding Favors

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Chess King and Queen Candle Wedding FavorsYou don’t have to conform to the standards of yesteryear when it comes to wedding favors. You also don’t need to stick with formal or seasonal choices. Here at Truly Wedding Favors we offer a wide variety of specialty wedding favors that can make your wedding festival unique and exciting. Instead of ordering favors to match the theme, why not pick the favors first and then choose a wedding theme? More and more couples are doing this today because frankly, the old way of planning a wedding is boring to younger folks. How do you feel about it?

Don’t get us wrong. A formal wedding is still one of the most spectacular and prestigious events you can plan and/or attend. We do have formal wedding favors and traditional wedding favors if that’s the route you choose to go, so don’t let this short post deter you from going with your original plan. No, this is for those who haven’t started their planning yet, couples young and old that just want to try something different, something memorable and fun that their guests and family will remember for years to come. What’s wrong with that?

How about a Las Vegas theme? It’s not entirely unique because there are quite a few brides and grooms choosing this option, but there’s a lot of room for variety in a Vegas theme. We of course have Las Vegas wedding favors, all the usual suspects, chips, dice, etc. We also have some interesting personalized pint glasses, place card holders, Las Vegas luggage tags, and bottle stoppers. Browse through our specialty wedding favors section and you’ll see those and much more.

If you’re really looking for fresh ideas, try shopping in our unique wedding favors section. The picture at the top right corner of this page is a chess king and queen candle wedding favor. Can you think of a few themes you could plan around that? How about setting up tables in a chessboard pattern or arranging a game of human chess for your rehearsal dinner night? The possibilities are endless. Ask a few members of the wedding party what they would like to see. You’ll be surprised at how much positive feedback you get on unique wedding themes.

Dare to be different. You can go with the same old thing if you want to, but chances are you’re only going to get married once. Think about the memories you want to have in your golden years. Do you want to look back and say, “Wow, that was a lot of work. Thank God we only had to do it once” or would you prefer something like, “Wow, that was fun. I wish we could do it again.” Think about it. You know the answer. The question now is, “What are you going to do about it?”

Looking for top quality, but cheap wedding favors?

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Double Heart KeychainMost consumers believe that they get what they pay for. When you pay a lot, you get a lot. When you only pay a little, expectations are much lower. We mention that we have cheap wedding favors for under $1.00 and new customer believes they’re going to get cheap trinkets. Ironically, our inbox is full each month with responses from those who were pleasantly surprised by what we can do for those on a short budget. Cheap does not mean poor quality. It means inexpensive and affordable. In these economic times, those words are a healing elixir to those who are struggling financially.

Mint tins, bottle openers, key chains, fans, and collectible place card holders can all be purchased from Truly Wedding Favors for under $1.00. Move up into the two or three-dollar range and you’ll find almost our entire collection of specialty wedding favors is available for the asking. It’s true. You don’t have to remortgage your house to afford the wedding favors you probably forgot about until the last minute. That’s another reason we keep our prices low. No one should have a wedding without wedding favors but so many folks often forget to order them till its almost too late.

Planning a wedding is a lot easier when you’re not restricted by theme and tradition. Many younger couples these days go with a small ceremony and limited guest lists. It’s not a lack of friends that leads them to this point, its economic hardship. Just think, for a group of forty guests you can provide wedding favors for under $50. All who attend will cherish these small reminders of your special day. It’s a nice touch and often a lost tradition in the younger generation. Be different and go with the time-honored custom of thanking your guests with a small token of gratitude.

Concepts like true love and loyal friendship don’t come with a price tag attached. There are some who believe that not having the ability to spend a lot means that you should not spend at all. Here at Truly Wedding Favors, we believe that the thought does count, regardless of the price. You can spend $5, $10, even $20 per guest if you want to when you purchase wedding favors, but there will always be someone who isn’t satisfied. Spend what you can afford. You’ll be surprised at what we can offer for that price.

Autumn Weddings require Fall Wedding Favors

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Fall Wedding FavorsYou hear a lot about spring and summer weddings, but what about those wonderful festivities of fall, when couples bond under a canopy of red, brown and gold? Don’t they deserve a little bit of attention? Here at Truly Wedding Favors, we believe they do. In fact, our staff doesn’t discriminate on any season. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, we have wedding favors to match the season and the wedding theme you’ve chosen for yourself. Take a look inside and you’ll find a wealth of seasonal wedding favors that will suit anyone’s taste or style, even your new in-laws.

Autumn is just around the corner, so it’s a good time to talk about fall wedding favors. If you’re planning for this year and you’ve haven’t finished yet, you’re running out of time. Thankfully our inventory is all in stock and affordable, so even if you need to place a large order last minute, the cost will be low and delivery will be timely. Place card holders, wine stoppers, coaster sets, whatever you feel will be the best wedding favors you can offer to your guests and wedding party, we have them all.

Getting married in fall is not the same as saying; “I do” in springtime. Ask a wedding planner when you should get married and you’ll almost always hear spring as a first option. Why? The logistics are familiar to them. The reception halls are used to doing business with them. For outdoor settings, they feel the weather is more reliable, but in certain parts of the country the opposite is true. Fall in the Deep South is a beautiful time of year to get married. It’s cooler and you’re less likely to get a major storm.

New England, New York, and the Pacific Northwest offer the best venues for fall weddings. The air might be crisp and cold at times, but the colors are stunning, as our fall wedding favors show. Those colors aren’t available below the Mason Dixon line or southwest of the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies, on the other hand, do offer a panoramic fall wedding venue, if you don’t mind the risk of getting snowed in, as so often happens after October 1st. Halloween in Denver looks like Christmas on the East Coast. The skiing is great, but don’t count on the limo getting good traction.

Purchase your fall wedding favors today if you plan on getting married this fall. Shop for them now if you’re planning for next year. Ask for our assistance if you’re not certain which of our wedding favors is the right choice for your special day. We’ll be happy to help you, no matter what season of the year it is.

Mixing Modern Style and Classic Wedding Tradition

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Crystal Wedding FavorsIf you’re torn between admiration for sleek, elegant and modern styles of wedding décor and a love for old-world wedding traditions, why not do both? Believe it or not, the two can mix quite nicely. You can use that slick, modern color scheme and décor you’ve had in mind, but with a sprinkling of traditional or vintage details to create a novel and interesting wedding theme, one that will be uniquely your own.

Mixing the old and new can be done in magnificent style. For your wedding day look, combine a modern, form fitting wedding gown with a vintage brooch bouquet or a great pair of vintage style wedding shoes. Or perhaps long and lovely satin opera gloves or a vintage wedding headpiece. Not only will the look be spectacular, but it will be the perfect compliment to a wedding theme that blends the modern world and old-world tradition to create a stunning wedding day scene.

Among the most popular modern wedding color schemes is the dramatic look of black and white, sometimes with just one bright color used for accent, and delicate white and gold palettes. Both of these modern wedding color schemes have been quite popular in years past as well, making them perfect for an event that will blend old and new. And, since both use fairly neutral tones, integrating a touch of the vintage here and there can be done with an air of seamless perfection.

Wedding bells are an old-time tradition, dating back through centuries of weddings in a variety of cultures. In the west, the tradition is often associated with the ringing the church bells after wedding ceremonies to ward off evil spirits as the couple began their new lives together. While the chasing away the spirits thing has gone by the wayside, wedding bells remain a tradition, one that can seamlessly carry old-world nostalgia into a modern wedding celebration. You can use gold, silver or white wedding bells to decorate centerpieces, as a lovely and traditional wedding cake decorations, as place card holders or give them away to your guests as wedding favors.

Edible wedding favors are another old-time tradition that translates quite well into a modern setting. You can play up the nostalgia factor with vintage treats and presentation. Perhaps traditional Jordan almonds in colors that match your wedding décor, tucked into an ornate curio box or vintage tin, or maybe old-fashioned sugar cookies decorated in your wedding colors.

Be sure to check out our selection of specialty wedding favors to find those finishing touches you need for that modern/vintage mix. You’re sure to find everything you need, ranging from cherubs and wedding bells that bring the Victorian era to mind, to elegant crystal wedding favors that suit any time and theme. We have modern and stylish Murano glass favors and wedding accessories, classic calla lily motifs, cherry blossoms and most anything else you could think on our site, making it easy for you to find unique wedding favors, place card holders and accessories to suit your needs.

Fairytale Weddings: It’s All About the Details

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Fairytale Theme Guest BookIf you loved all those romantic, happily-ever-after endings and dreamed of your own fairy tale wedding as you were growing up, why not add a of that magic to your real-life wedding? While you probably are going to have to do without the towering castle with the drawbridge across the moat and the fairy godmother, you can add a little of that storybook spirit with creative décor, fairytale wedding favors and a lot of imagination.

To create the look of a fairytale princess on the big day, a ballroom style wedding gown is perfect. Whether it is in Cinderella blue or traditional white, extravagant details like a beaded and embroidered bodice will help set the right royal tone. Add a dramatic updo for your hair, topped with a tiara and a floor length veil, and a sprinkle of sparkling jewelry and your storybook look will be complete.

Most of us don’t have a castle in the neighborhood, by you can create the look and feel of a royal ballroom at your wedding venue with creative décor. Lots of draping is the key to a fairytale castle look, with walls, windows, head tables, cake tables and entryways adorned with elegant buntings. Lots of flowers are essential as well, and for a fairytale theme, roses in shades of red and pink are classic. Top your wedding cake with a fairytale castle or coach, and swans in the form of figurines or ice sculptures are classic fairytale fare. A guest book table, with lovely linens and draped with wispy buntings is a nice touch, topped with the Fairytale Theme Guest Book and a matching Fairytale Theme Pen Set.

Check out our fairytale themed wedding accessories for accents to pull the look together. You’ll find a selection of candles to suit your theme, the Coach Design Candle or Fairytale Candle for instance. We have plenty of place card holders that will fit in nicely, such as the Wedding Coach Place Card Holder, Crown Design Place Card Holder and Cinderella Style Place card Holders, among many others. Glass slippers or crystal pumpkin coach figurines make lovely accents, as do details like Fairytale Toasting Glasses and elegant cake servers.

You can send a little of that storybook magic home with your guests in the form of creative and lovely wedding favors. Just browse our collection of specialty wedding favors to find a great selection of gifts. We have key chain and bookmark favors to suit your fairytale theme, adorned with glass slippers, crowns, swans and magic coaches to name just a few. You’ll find lovely candles, lanterns, figurines, favor boxes and curio boxes among our extensive selection, along with bottle openers, bottle stoppers, candy dishes and picture frames.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and, of course, your budget. Fantasy and fairytale weddings are very popular choices lately, so perusing wedding magazines, blogs and websites is sure to provide you with a wealth of creative ideas and advice to help you create your perfect storybook wedding.

For the Bride Who Adores Shoes: Wedding Favors to Suit Your Passion

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Glass SlipperDid you shop for great wedding shoes first, and then look for the perfect wedding dress to set them off? If so, there’s no doubt about it, you’re a shoe fanatic. If shoes are your passion, what better way to add a bit of your own personal flair to the wedding tradition than shoe themed specialty wedding favors? Or perhaps a shoe themed bridal shower might be the way to indulge your love of shoes, especially if some of the ladies you’ve chosen for bridesmaids are your usual shoe shopping companions.

If you’re planning a casual summer wedding, charming little flip flop place card holders might be just the thing. Or perhaps his and hers place card holders, using the flip flop style for the ladies on your guest list and the basketball or soccer themed place card holders for your male guests, since both are decorated with the appropriate athletic shoes. Other great casual summer shoe related wedding favors are flip flop note pads, bottle openers, luggage tags and key chains.

For a formal wedding, you’ll certainly want to choose dressier style shoe wedding favors. We have plenty of shoe related favors that are elegant enough to fit right in with a black-tie affair, such as the High Heel Shoe Bottle Opener, finished in chrome and adorned with sparkling rhinestones, or the Stylish Shoe Bookmark. If you’re using fairytale wedding theme, what could be more appropriate than our Glass Shoe Favor, a gift reminiscent of Cinderella’s glass slipper, or perhaps the glass slipper key chain. Another great choices for for a storybook wedding is the Fairytale Shoes Wedding Favor, a white wedding shoe shaped candle decorated with a delicate hearts and flowers design.

Shoe related wedding favors are fun, but a shoe themed bridal shower is even better, since it’s generally just the girls. Traditionally, it is the maid of honor or bridesmaids that plan the bridal shower, but brides have been known to float an idea or two about the festivities, so don’t be afraid to whisper in your party planner’s ear to steer her in the right direction. She’ll probably appreciate the help, since knowing for sure what you’d enjoy will be much easier than having to waste time guessing, and easier is better during the hectic days of wedding preparations.

Shoe inspired décor, a shoe-themed cake, and decadent shoe shaped chocolate treats are all fair game for a bridal shower. Don’t forget the Slice of Style High Heel Cake Server, you’ll find it among our unique wedding favors, and you’ll surely want bridal shower favors to go along with your shoe lovers theme. The Flip Flop Style Five Piece Pedicure set is a great bridal shower gift for the ladies, or perhaps the Scentsational Shoes Sachet or personalized glassware adorned with a high-heal shoe design.

Whether you’re just adding a few personalized details to your reception tables or going all out on a unique bridal shower theme, our selection of specialty wedding favors, bridal shower favors and wedding accessories is hard to beat. You’re sure to find just what you need to add that special touch to your event right here at Truly Wedding Favors.

Flower Wedding Favors Add the Perfect Touch to Floral Wedding Themes

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Rose Design Mirror CompactsFlowers are a tradition at every wedding, but for the bride who chooses a floral wedding theme, they will take center stage in the planning of her wedding décor. Whether the focus is on the bride’s favorite flower, traditional wedding blooms or a whimsical assortment of bright spring blossoms, no floral wedding theme would be complete without flower wedding favors to help set the tone of the big day.

The white calla lily has been a wedding tradition for generations, a symbol of purity and love. While its popularity waned for a time, it has come back in force in recent years, becoming very popular in wedding décor and a favorite of brides as the basis of a floral wedding theme. While the elegant, stark white calla lily is still the most frequent wedding choice, calla lilies in other shades have become popular as well, with yellow, burgundy, pink, orange and purple varieties often used in bouquets and floral arrangements as a bold contrast to the traditional pale blossoms. If you will be using a calla lily theme for your wedding, you’ll find items that feature this classic flower in abundance among our selection of flower wedding favors. We have picture frames, wine stoppers, key chains and candles adorned with calla lilies, as well as ornamental dishes, pen sets, cake servers, coasters and many other lovely specialty wedding favors.

Cherry blossoms are a favorite flower for springtime wedding themes, a traditional symbol of love, passion, hope and new beginnings. Weddings themes that feature these delicate blooms have grown in popularity in recent years, presenting the calla lily with a rival for its position as the most favored wedding flower. Whether they are chosen in white, pale pink, deep pink or red, these fragrant and beautiful flowers help to create a lovely, romantic ambiance for wedding celebrations. You’ll find no shortage of cherry blossom wedding favors for your guests here among our great selection of flower wedding favors, whether you are looking for scented soap, candles, glassware or silk fans in a cherry blossom motif.

Of course, no flower symbolizes love and romance quite like the rose, which makes it another very popular choice of brides who love floral wedding themes. Nothing is quite as elegant as a blood red, long-stemmed rose, nor as delicate as a white one. Vibrant pink roses and yellow ones are lovely too, and the rose, in all its varieties, remains in great demand as a favorite wedding day blossom. We carry a wide selection of specialty wedding favors featuring this classic beauty, such as sparkling crystal roses in white or red, lovely rose mirror compacts, rose themed candles, rose towel favors and much more.

Other lovely options you’ll find among our flower wedding favors collection include beautiful candles, candle holders, coasters, wine charms, wine stoppers and many other items that are adorned with orchids, daisies and a variety of bright spring blossoms. You’re sure to find just the right wedding favors to carry your floral theme right through to that small but important detail, the keepsakes your friends and family members will take away as mementos of your wedding day.

Giving Wedding Favors is a Time Honored Tradition

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Cinderella Themed Curio Box Wedding FavorThe giving of wedding favors began in the 16th Century with the European aristocratic custom of giving bonbonnieres, or crystal and jeweled boxes filled with candy, as gifts to wedding guests. This delectable custom of giving edible wedding favors as treats to the guests has evolved into a diverse and innovative practice that brides and grooms spend hours sharing ideas and opinions about. Have you thought about what you would like to give as wedding favors to your guests? It’s a time honored tradition that goes back over six hundred years. You wouldn’t want to break tradition, would you?

We don’t have bonbonnieres here at Truly Wedding Favors, but we do have some pretty cool edible wedding favors that come in candy box form. Check out the Heart Themed Mint Tin or the White Mesh Heart Shaped Box, both clever containers to secure tasty treats for your guests. If you like, you could also go slightly more modern with our gumball machine wedding favors or our Mini Paint Can Mint Tin. Browse through the edible wedding favors section of the main website and you’ll see them all.

If you’re not seeing the wedding favors you want, you could simply purchase some of our wedding favor tins and add your own contents. They come in over forty designs and are adaptable for candy, jewelry, or basically anything else you want to give as a small token of your appreciation to wedding guests. You can even have them engraved with your and your spouses names on them, a nice touch that will ensure the recipients will be thinking about you long into the future when they re-use the tins over again.

What’s the closest we come to the original bonbonniere wedding favor? Take a look at the Cinderella Themed Curio Box Wedding Favor at the top right corner of this page. Perfect for a fairy tale wedding and adaptable to a formal affair, this unique favor is made of white resin and covered in rhinestones, carved flowers, and silver accents, a wedding favor that would suit the tastes of even those Middle Ages European aristocrats who started the tradition of wedding favors back in the 16th Century. You can give one to each of your guests for less than $4.00 each.

Are you unsure of which wedding favors are right for you? Call us at 1-888-448-7859 and we’ll be happy to go over some ideas and available wedding favors that might match your wedding theme and venue. Our selection is vast and with wedding favor tins and boxes it’s customizable. You can select the same gift for everyone or come up with something different for each of those special people on your guest list. Give us a call today and we’ll help you put it all together. Don’t wait until the last minute. Your wedding day will be upon you before you know it.

Choose a Theme and we’ll match it with the right Wedding Favors

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Murano Glass Collection Bookmarks favorsWhat have you decided upon for your wedding theme? Regardless of what it is, we can supply you the wedding favors to match. With one of the largest selections on the internet, we can mix and match with anyone. Are you going the traditional route and need formal wedding favors? We have those. Perhaps you’ve chosen a more innovative theme, like a fairy tale or beach wedding theme? We have favors for those also. If you can dream it, we can provide you the wedding favors you need to make it happen.

Traditional weddings are still in style, and they can be a lot of fun, but specialty themed weddings seem to be increasing in popularity. A higher demand for specialty wedding favors comes with that increase. In recent years we’ve gradually built up our inventory so we can meet that demand. We’ve even introduced new designs and ideas to our customers, concepts for a wedding that they may never have thought of on their own. Do you need a little help with your wedding planning? Perhaps we can provide some input on which themes are most popular and which wedding favors to buy for them.

The time of year is always a good theme for a wedding. Our seasonal wedding favor collection contains some breathtakingly beautiful items that are both memorable and affordable. Your guests and members of your wedding party will keep them for years to come, mementos of a very special day, and your wallet will be relieved that you provided at least a little breathing room in the midst of all the other spending. Our wedding favors are priced to make bulk purchases worthwhile.

Dare to be Different

Take a look at the Murano Glass Collection bookmark wedding favor in the top right corner of this page. It may have been the image that drew you to this article in the first place. It’s different, and not in a bad way. If you really want to offer something unique to your guests, take a look at the Murano Glass section here at Truly Wedding Favors. Each of the wedding favors portrayed in this section are items you will not find lying on a gift shop shelf somewhere. They’re keepers, as wedding favors should be.

You might also want to check out our Unique Wedding Favors section. There are over five hundred choices in this section, from angels to zebras and everything in between. Are you having a hard time choosing a wedding theme and need some innovative ideas? Take a look through the pages of unique wedding favors we have and maybe that will spark a thought or two. You wouldn’t be the first to get inspiration from our collections. Best of luck and we hope to hear from you soon.

Enhance your Spirit with Crystal Wedding Favors

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Crystal Wedding FavorsIt is widely believed that crystal has inherent properties that promote better health and a higher sense of spiritual well-being. Crystals are used in healing, meditation, chakra balancing, protection, and to change bad vibrations to good. They are also, as you can see here, used as wedding favors. Our crystal wedding favors are some of most popular items, and they’re a match for just about any wedding theme, from the formal classic to the specialty seasonal affairs. Our selection covers both and everything in between.

Are you Cinderella to his Prince Charming? You’ll find the glass slipper, the prince’s crown, and even a crystal pumpkin coach wedding favor that will warm your heart with remembrance of the classic fairy tale. You don’t have to be in a fable to enjoy a happily ever after life. Starting out on the right foot with a well-planned wedding and some thoughtful gifts for guests and wedding party participants will get you going in that direction with some momentum. Say “I do”, close your eyes for that magical kiss, and then let your prince sweep you away to his castle.

Perhaps you’re thinking something a little more traditional, maybe even a religious theme to mark the significance of your perpetual vows to each other. An exquisite Madonna and Child Crystal Plaque make a wonderful wedding favor for an occasion like that. You’ll also find a Choice Crystal Cross, Crystal Cross Keychains, and Angel Favors. Each of them is a keeper you’ll be sure to see on display years from now when you visit friends and family who attended your wedding, a lasting reminder of your love, loyalty, and devotion to your chosen spouse.

Crystal has warmth to it that cannot be found in other materials. It holds that warmth, reflects and fractures light, and provides comfort to the beholder that is inexplicable to some, yet makes so much sense to others. It’s rare or perhaps even non-existent to hear someone say that crystal turns them off. There’s always a positive reaction to receiving it in gift form, so you can never go wrong with crystal wedding favors. Add our vast selection to that general feeling of well-being toward crystal and you have a can’t-miss choice for your wedding favors.

Are you doing a Las Vegas theme? We’ll write more about it in our next post, but for now, check out the Key Chain with Crystal Dice wedding favor. It is one of our most stunning selections and a must-have for any casino player. Even if you’re not a player, dice are symbols for those who take chances and drive to win all the time. Do you know anyone like that? Chances are that you do. Maybe that someone is in your wedding party or maybe that someone is you. Either way, add one of these to your order when you place it. You’ll want to keep it or give it to someone special when you receive it.

Beach Weddings require Beach Wedding Favors

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Beach Wedding FavorsIt’s July 1st, so it makes sense to talk about beach weddings today. Are you planning on getting married on the beach some time this summer or next? If you’re doing it this year, planning should be well under way. Beach weddings require detailed execution and careful decision making. Setting a date far in advance during the months of July or August can leave you open to all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, the weather being one of them. Are you one hundred percent ready and do you have back-up plans in place in the event of inclement weather?

Anything can happen and we of course do not want your special day to be spoiled. Most couple who tie the knot on the beach or any other outdoor venue have an indoor/outdoor strategy that leaves room for guests to escape to shelter if the rain comes in. Others set up a tent or awning and have the ceremony and reception under that, secure in the knowledge that nothing short of a hurricane will stop the ceremony. Either way, you’ll need beach wedding favors. We have those here for you.

The photo at the top right corner of this post is one of our more breathtaking beach wedding favors – our seashell gel tealight holder. It comes in clear glass with a colorful selection of seashells set in a blur gel ocean shore motif. Just a few inches in diameter, you can purchase this thoughtful wedding favor in a gift box with a white satin ribbon and bow. That’s a pretty nice touch for an outdoor beach wedding, isn’t it? Best of all, these favors are affordable at less than $3.00 apiece, showing that style and class doesn’t have to be expensive. We even include the tea candle for that price.

Check out our beach wedding favors home page and you’ll see innovative wedding favors in all shapes and sizes. Looking for something simple? Try starfish themed toasting flutes or seashell photo key chains. Both are big sellers and sure to be keepers for your wedding guests. Looking for novelty items? We have pink flip flop notebooks and crystal clam shells. You’ve probably never seen either and neither have your guests. Be the first to offer them and give everyone something to talk about for a while.

Wedding favors are important and they are far too often overlooked. Here at Truly Wedding Favors, we price our wedding favors affordably and offer a wide variety or classic and not so common favors to choose from. Everything else you buy, lease, or borrow for your wedding day comes with a hefty price tag. Completing your beach wedding theme with beach wedding favors is priceless, but we make sure you can make it happen, even if it’s an afterthought. Please browse our selection and feel free to call if you need any additional assistance. Our number is 1-888-448-7859.