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Warm Wedding Favors for Cold Weather Weddings

Posted on October 31st, 2013 by kevindflynn in Autumn Wedding Favors, winter wedding favors

The temperature creeps slowly down to sweater and jacket levels, the skies cloud over, daylight recedes at an ever-earlier time each evening, and thoughts of warmth and comfort begin to dominate everyone’s thought process. Are you planning a wedding that will happen during these colder autumn and winter months? Perhaps gifts of warm wedding favors will add some holiday cheer to the occasion, not to mention elicit a smile or two from your guests.

What exactly is a “warm” wedding favor? Candles come to mind right away and they are a good choice, but not the only option. Anything that promotes a feeling of good will or fond memories can be considered “warm”. A picture of you and your bride in a happy moment, a celebratory wine glass or flute with some poignant messaging on it, or a globe with visions of the sea could all be categorized as warm – or to be more exact – warm-hearted. After all, it is a wedding. You want the memories of the day and the wedding favors that go home with your guests to be memorable.

Of course, you could go with seasonal themes and favors. There are a number of options to choose from when selecting a wedding theme or picking out that special wedding favor your guests will remember you by. The snowflake in winter and the falling leaf in autumn are popular, but do you really want to be “popular”. That’s so common. How about being “different” for a change and going with something completely out of left field? Think hard enough about it and you’ll surprise yourself with the number of “new” ideas you’ll have.

Don’t get it twisted. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with traditional. This writer is actually a big proponent of traditional tuxedos and white wedding gowns. If you choose to go that route, something simple like a votive candle wedding favor might be the right choice. You’ll also want to go with red roses on the tables to complete the picture. Imagine how that would look – The groom in black and white with bow tie, the bride with a long white trail and pearls shining in the candlelight, and a splash of crimson at each table. That is a wedding tableau to aspire to.

There’s no denying it any more, much as many of us would like to. The cold days of winter are soon to be upon us. If you live in the snow-clad slopes of the Rockies, the cold wind-swept plains of the Midwest, or the land of the Nor’easter in New England, you know what real cold feels like. If you live in Southern California, please stop complaining about sixty degree temperatures and rain. The rest of us are buying snow shovels and road salt – and preparing for winter weddings.

Asian Wedding Favors To Shower Your Guests With Good Fortune

Posted on October 17th, 2013 by kevindflynn in Asian Wedding Favors

Offer your guests wedding favors featuring one of the most powerful symbols of good fortune, an elephant with an upturned trunk. Throughout Asia, the elephant is revered, wrapped in myth, legend and religion. The elephant candle holder is decorated in a richly colorful style that calls India to mind, its wise and gentle eyes like those of Ganesh, the elephant-headed god said to represent auspicious beginnings, which is what all hope that each wedding is. Asian wedding favors featuring an elephant are meaningful mementos sure to be cherished.

In many Asian cultures, an elephant with a raised trunk is said to shower good fortune upon those it is given to, in the same way that an elephant will draw up water into its trunk and spray it. Giving the gift of an elephant expresses the wish for the person that receives it to enjoy all that it is said to represent – longevity, fertility, good luck, joy and wisdom. The elephant symbolizes many virtues, among them strength, intelligence and loyalty. In the elephant world, family is very important, as it is in our world as well.

In India, in the oldest of legends, the god Indra was accompanied by white elephants. For the Buddhists, the elephant symbolizes the strength of the controlled mind, the mind beyond the reach of the distractions and deceptions of the material world. In Feng Shui, elephants are placed near the entrances of buildings or rooms, so that their strength can protect the energy of the space and the people within. An elephant in a library or study sets the tone for learning, as this great creature has long been associated with a strong memory.

The elephant candle holder comes in a cranberry colored gift box, matching the hues that are used to decorate the elephant, wrapped in a white ribbon with a gift tag. Arriving ready to present adds a note of convenience, an important consideration in the rush to make sure every wedding detail is just right. The part that holds the candle is a standard size, so when that candle burns down, it will be easy for your guests to buy candles that fit just right, so this lovely gift can be enjoyed for years to come. Asian wedding favors are a beautiful and meaningful way to tell your wedding guests how grateful you are that they chose to share such an auspicious day with you.

They’ll Remember Your Wedding Again and Again With Wine Wedding Favors

Posted on October 11th, 2013 by kevindflynn in Wedding Favors

Unfortunately, far too wedding favors many fall into the category of dust-collecting mementos seldom glanced at other than when they are picked up for yet another dusting. The truly great wedding favor is something that is both beautiful and practical, a useful token that makes your guests remember the day of your wedding with a smile each time it is taken to hand. For wine lovers, there are a number of wine wedding favors, as practical as they are lovely.

A cork can be difficult to deal with after it comes out of the bottle, especially if it has been damaged by the corkscrew. In order to keep wine without compromising its quality, the bottle needs to be reclosed tightly. It’s a shame to have the rest of a fine bottle of wine go to waste for the lack of a secure and proper way to close the bottle when the cork is damaged during the opening. If you guest list includes a lot of wine drinkers, wine wedding favors are just the right choice.

Your guests that drink wine regularly and those that appreciate finer quality, more costly wines, are sure to enjoy a wine pourer and stopper set. Tastefully designed, the pourer slides into the bottle after it is uncorked, making pouring nice and neat. When it’s time to close the bottle, just push the stopper into the pourer. Topped with beautifully swirled Murano glass, the stopper’s rubber base forms a tight seal. These are wedding favors that will be admired and used regularly.

The pourer and stopper set comes nicely packaged and prepared for gifting, boxed with a ribbon and a tag. All that’s left to do is to write the guest names on the tags and look forward to seeing their pleasure when they unwrap their gifts. There is a wide selection of Murano glass wine wedding favors in numerous colors to choose from. You can choose colors that complement your wedding colors or simply choose by what you find attractive.

Offer your guests wedding favors that won’t collect dust for years because a guest feels guilty tossing out a memento of your special day. They’ll appreciate the beauty and practicality of wine wedding favors like the swirl design Murano glass wine stopper and pourer set. The memory of your wedding will be a part of each celebration, toast, or special dinner complemented with a bottle of wine that your guests have for years to come.

Life’s Most Important Ingredient, Flavor It With Love Wedding Favors

Posted on October 4th, 2013 by kevindflynn in Food Wedding Favors, Love Wedding favors

A wedding day has a certain sweetness to all its own. Just hearing two people exchange those timeless vows infuses guests with the intensity of the sweetness and promise that flavored their own, an intensity that can be almost overwhelming for a moment. That’s why you see so many tears at weddings. A love like that is life’s most important ingredient. If it can be blended into what really makes a marriage, the each and every day that follows, added to the everyday things a couple does for each other, that sweetness may never fade. Let your wedding favors be a memento that brings back the flavor of the day.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in this modern era, especially in marriage. Today, it’s something people choose to do, not something expected or required. And, in that light, it’s a choice that says a lot about a couple, speaking of their hopes and dreams. Many people getting married today look farther back for their marriage models, not to the marriages that gave rise to what the Wall Street Journal referred to as the “Divorce Generation,” but to those of their grandparents and great-grandparents, married for 50 and 60 years. They are marrying later and with more thought, with forever in mind.

Culture trends reflect this shift in perspective, from the slow food movement to the home office that keeps the action of life centered where it should be, from the rise of the home improvement center to the resurgence of the home garden to wedding favors celebrating the heart of the home. For many, the fast pace we’ve become accustomed to has lost its appeal. There’s a renewed appreciation for the hand-whisked cake, instead of the quick throw-together cake mix, for the omelet with garden-fresh herbs and home-made biscuits, instead of the drive-through breakfast sandwich wolfed in commuter traffic.

People today recognize that spending time is showing love, a lesson many are learning in the kitchen. Wedding favors, like the measuring spoon and whisk set, are a great way to mix the most important ingredient into your wedding day and all those that follow. The heart shaped measuring spoons and whisk with a whimsical heart at its center are just a couple of the kitchen oriented wedding favors you can choose from. Lovely in look and practical in nature, these wedding favors are full of meaning and guests will remember the sweetness of the day, yours and theirs.

Let the Stars Choose your Wedding Favors

Posted on September 11th, 2013 by kevindflynn in Autumn Wedding Favors

Pay close attention because you can’t get this advice by simply searching a keyword on our website. As summer comes to a close and autumn begins, many folks have reached out to us inquiring about autumn wedding favors. Those you can see easily enough, but what about zodiac wedding favors? There are a select few who choose to have the stars decide which gifts to give to their wedding guests.

Here are a few tips on how to do that:

October Weddings – The sun and stars are aligned for an October wedding in Libra, an air sign, with the ruling planet of Venus. Truly a time for love and setting new plans in motion, the perfect wedding favor would be something that reminds the recipient of the open sky, nature, or perhaps the turning of the seasons, which happens at the end of the Libra cycle.

Our top Libra recommendation: The Turning Leaves Bookmark.

November Weddings – Scorpio is actually a water sign, but few would choose fish or dolphins to represent it. Generally depicted as strong and brooding, Scorpios tend to be strong leaders and care deeply about those who they choose to keep close to them. A couple exchanging vows while the sun is in Scorpio are tapping into enormous power, ensuring longevity and a healthy relationship. The stone for Scorpio is an autumn favorite – topaz – a great choice for wedding favors.

Our top Scorpio recommendation: The Autumn Inspired Keychain

December Weddings – Sagittarius, the archer, is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter with a turquoise stone as its symbol. People born in Sagittarius tend to live good lives and strive to make a difference in the world, opening up a plethora of choices for wedding favors. You could look for anything that depicts a flame or burns, a blue or turquoise colored wedding favor, or a simple gift to share with others.

Our top Sagittarius recommendation: The Blue Glass Flower Candle Holder

These are just a few suggestions if you’re trying to think outside the box. Wedding favors, contrary to what some folks believe, are a key component to a good time at your wedding. Nothing lightens the mood and gets your guests in a festive spirit better than the giving of a simple gift. You can use the criteria above to choose your wedding favors or come up with your own, maybe one based on the wedding theme. Either way, just make sure you don’t forget to include them. The stars will align in your favor if you take some time to acknowledge your wedding guests.

Wedding Favors Show Gratitude to Those Who Love You

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 by kevindflynn in Wedding Favors

Why exactly do we give wedding favors to guests and members of the wedding party? Some feel it’s an obligatory custom. Others think it really doesn’t matter, leaving the wedding favors as a last minute item, almost an afterthought. The truth is that this custom of distributing small gifts to those who love you is an act of gratitude. No one actually has to show up to your wedding, though some feel they do, so why not reach out to them with a gift that says “Thank You.”

The tradition of giving wedding favors is an old one that goes back to the days of medieval Europe when aristocrats gave a gift to wedding attendees called a bonbonniere. These small boxes, made of porcelain, crystal, and precious stones, were filled with sugar cubes or small confections, a very expensive commodity at the time. As the price of sugar declined over the centuries, the cubes were replaced with almonds or other rare items, a very special “thank you” for wealthy families.

The concept of the wedding favor box has carried through the ages. Though not often filled with rare items anymore, candy and small trinkets are common and the boxes themselves are usually engraved with the names of the bride and groom, the date, and sometimes the wedding theme. The message on the box is considered to be as or more important than the contents. If the contents are edible, they won’t last, but the wedding favor box itself will.

According to renowned gratitude expert Professor Robert A. Emmons, “Gratitude is literally one of the few things that can measurably change people’s lives”. This may seem far-fetched for something as simple as a wedding favor, but as the old saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” A thoughtful wedding favor can change the demeanor of an otherwise surly wedding guest. It can turn a somber event into a festive one. It is, in essence, a mood setter for the entire day.

Do you consider yourself someone who expresses gratitude on a regular basis? Do you say “thank you” when someone does something nice for you or show gratitude with actions when possible? Most of us incorporate these principles into our daily life, so why would you make the wedding favor a last item on your shopping list? Make it the first, because saying “thank you” is important. If you believe in karma, it’s a great way to start out a lifetime of wedded bliss.

Wedding favors for Candlelight Wedding Ceremonies

Posted on August 23rd, 2013 by kevindflynn in Candle Wedding Favors, Wine Wedding Favors

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a candlelight wedding ceremony followed by a sit down dinner and some live music. This is the ultimate in formal wedding affairs, an occasion where everything must be absolutely perfect, from the bridal gown to the floral arrangements to the wedding favors for your guests. The band should play music that’s appealing to all, a mix of non-invasive “soft” sounds during the meal to some pick-me-up dance music after dessert.

To do a candlelight wedding you first need to find a hall that will allow it. Most hotels have fire codes where only battery-operated candles are allowed – not quite the same kind of ambiance. They look great in the window at Christmas time, but there’s something about a flickering flame that just makes real candles so much more appealing. Country Clubs typically allow them and fraternal organizations generally make their own rules, so start the venue search early.

Attire and floral arrangements have to be just right. A shimmering satin wedding gown will do wonderful things in a candlelit room, but not every bride finds that appealing. Inset jewels or rhinestones reflect nicely. These can be on the gown itself, on the veil, or simply a part of the accessories a bride will wear as part of her attire. The groom (let’s not forget him) can also accessorize to create some candlelight special effects for your wedding guests.

For best effect, and for safety reasons, a sit-down meal is a better option than a buffet. Couples who do ceremony and reception in one place don’t want their guests to be moving around too much, especially with open flames burning on each table or around the hall. Get everyone in, light the candles, and shut the lights off. Waiters and waitresses can bring food and drinks to everyone and children need to be kept in their seats. You could even announce that before you turn the lights out and encourage trips to the rest room in advance to avoid unnecessary floor activity.

Finally, there are the wedding favors. A candlelight wedding is memorable no matter what you do, but placing Champagne Flute Candle Favors in the middle of each table and then giving one in a box to each of your guests will make those memories timeless. It’s a reaffirming experience for a couple with multiple years of marriage under their belts to walk into a friend’s home and see that commemorative champagne flute on a mantle or shelf. Most people use them over and over again.

Have you started the planning yet? Remember to include a few extra helpers for the wedding day. Someone has to set up the hall, place the candles, and light them at the right time. You’ll also need an organizer on the floor and it cannot be the bride, groom, or anyone in the wedding party. You all have roles to play on that very special day. Organize in advance, plan carefully, and enjoy the wedding. It should be a once in a lifetime experience.

Everything is Better with Chocolate … Even Wedding Favors

Posted on August 20th, 2013 by kevindflynn in edible wedding favors

The therapeutic and physical benefits of chocolate are not a new discovery by any stretch of the imagination. Ancient Aztecs used to give their warriors a “divine drink” made from crushing the seeds of the Theobroma cacao (aka cocoa) tree. This fabulous elixir reputably gave them the ability to walk all day without food. Just think what a candy box wedding favor full of chocolate will do when it comes time for everyone to get on the dance floor. Can you say party?

Everything is better with chocolate. A recent study by the American Psychological Society found actual evidence that chocolate improves the mood of even the grumpiest wedding guests – for at least three minutes. How do you use a short time span like that to your advantage? Try passing out wedding favors right before a wine or champagne toast. The combination of the two should lighten the mood and get everyone smiling. The rest is up to the musicians and speechmakers.

Wait, there’s more. Remember Dr. Ruth, the sex therapist on TV? She claims that chocolate is a sensual pleasure all by itself, in the same category as sex. Apparently it stimulates the endorphins and produces a sense of physical euphoria, when eaten in moderation of course. Gorging on chocolate will have a completely opposite effect, namely nausea and discontent; so don’t fill that candy box too much. Your best bet is those small heart shaped candy boxes as wedding favors. They hold half a dozen to maybe ten pieces of chocolate.

Worried about health issues? Some folks are actually allergic to chocolate (poor souls) and of course there will be diabetics at your wedding who can’t have chocolate at all, but other than that its not actually bad for you. Dietary studies have revealed that dark chocolate in particular can protect heart health, something to keep in mind when you fill those little boxes. In fact, all cocoa products contain flavonoids, a highly recommended antioxidant. Did you know that?

Choosing your wedding favors should be more than just simply selecting something “cute” or “different”. This small gift to show your appreciation to the wedding party or to all guests needs to be carefully selected using criteria that take into account both the theme of the wedding and the desired mood you want your guests to be in. Chocolate candy in a decorative box is a fun gift. If you’re looking for a more solemn event, choose crystal or even religious wedding favors. It’s a certainty that you wouldn’t want your guests getting giddy or promiscuous during one of those wedding ceremonies. Then again, it might liven things up a bit …

Enchant your Wedding Guests with a Glass Slipper Wedding Favor

Posted on August 12th, 2013 by kevindflynn in fairy tale wedding favors

Have you heard the story of Rhodopis? Not surprising if you have not. It was written in the 1st Century BC about a beautiful young woman whose sandal is snatched by an eagle while she is bathing. The eagle flies to the capital city, where the king is holding court outside, and drops the sandal in his lap. Moved by the beauty and shape of the mysterious footwear, he sends his soldiers far and wide across the kingdom to find its wearer. Once she is discovered, he makes her his queen.

Sound familiar? It happened long before modern day wedding planners worried about which wedding favors they were going to buy. It is, of course, the tale of Cinderella, told centuries before the story published by the Brothers Grimm, and even this version is believed to be a retelling. Earlier variations portray Rhodopis as being from Thrace, a fellow slave to Aesop, and there’s even a story in China where the girl’s name is Ye Xian, and the fairy godmother is a fish.

What does all this have to do with your wedding day? Have you thought about a Cinderella theme and maybe fairytale shoe wedding favors? Opt for this choice and your guests will feel the enchantment of a story that is thousands of years old, one of triumph and true love, a perfect parallel for a day when you offer a lifetime pledge to another. The story is timeless and older than most people know. Do you want to live happily ever after? A fairy tale wedding won’t guarantee it, but it’s a good start.

Your Life and Your Marriage can be that Happy Fairy Tale

What’s your favorite story? Does it start with “Once Upon a Time” and end with “Happily Ever After”. Most of the really great tales do. Pick up a book of Grimm’s Tales and you’ll see a common theme interwoven through each chapter – overcoming adversity. Even modern tales by the master Walt Disney typically begin with a tragedy and end with the triumph of true love or good over evil. These are children’s stories, but there are lessons to be learned by adults there also.

If you’re reading this article you are most likely in the phase of your wedding preparations where the theme has been chosen, the meal has been planned, and bridesmaids and groomsmen are being paired up. You’re now looking for wedding favors, and the image of Cinderella’s slipper caught your eye. Remember what it symbolizes – the power to get through anything, no matter what. That is the vow you’re about to take on your wedding day. May the blessing of Rhodopis be upon you when you do that.

Blue is a Happy Color for Wedding Favors, Themes, and Flowers

Posted on August 5th, 2013 by kevindflynn in Wedding Favors

People tend to associate the color blue with sadness, but for wedding favors it is definitely a happy color. In fact, blue wedding themes and floral arrangements are considered some of the most stunning and eye catching of all wedding scenarios. Have you seen a bride walking down the aisle in a white dress with a bouquet of fresh cut blue daisies or tinted blue roses? The contrast is stunning.

Wedding party participants and guests are usually happier with a blue wedding. Ask a bridesmaid to wear pink chiffon and you’ll get an eye roll. Tell her you’re doing royal blue and you’ll see a bright smile. Blue is one of those colors that can be cool and hot at the same time. Just think of the balance blue offers in nature. Lakes and mountain streams are an icy blue, but a superheated flame is a fierce blue. Explain that to your bridesmaids and you can have lots of fun.

Blue is a great color for men also. Blue ties and cumber buns are distinguished. They can be bright and cheery or deep and dark, solemn for more formal occasions. Most men actually own a blue suit, usually as a second behind a black or grey one, but nonetheless it’s a staple in a man’s closet. Blue shirts and blue jeans on the other hand are primary items of clothing. The groom probably owns both.

White linens tablecloths look better with blue napkins and floral arrangements made up of azures and cerulean. Ocean backdrops bring another dimension of blue, as does an open-air ceremony with a cloudless sky. For indoor venues, there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the blue of a stained glass window when the sun shines through on a clear day. Blue simply makes that vision better.

Did you already choose another color for your wedding theme? Don’t be blue. Reds, greens, pinks, yellows, and purples all have their good qualities. Even silver and gold can become wholesome and pure when the shared love of two beings is joined together as one. This, above all else, is what makes that special day a success, no matter what color you choose. If you haven’t chosen yet, you should do blue.

Christian Wedding Favors for August Weddings

Posted on July 28th, 2013 by kevindflynn in Christian Wedding Favors

Though not as well known as Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday, the Feast of Assumption on August 15 is celebrated in most Catholic countries as a Holy Day of Obligation. For Christians getting married in August, the feast, a celebration of the Virgin Mary ascending into heaven, provides another idea for wedding favors and themes. Many Christian August weddings are dedicated to the Madonna. Have you thought about inviting her to your wedding?

There is nothing quite as beautiful to a Christian wedding guest as the vision of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. Imagine that vision framed in Murano Glass or gilded in silver. These beautiful Christian wedding favors, given after guests have experienced one of the most traditional of all wedding ceremonies, are certain to be keepers. The image itself and what it represents bestows a certain blessing on the marital union. That blessing extends beyond the day and into the home for those who choose to display their wedding favor for all to see.

There are, of course, many other Christian wedding favors to choose from. Handbag holders, compacts, key chains, and cups are all available with the symbol of the Christian cross upon them. Angels and Cherubs adorn candleholders, letter openers, and curio boxes. Each wedding favor made in honor of Christ is created with meticulous design work and true devotion to the faith.

Other Summer Wedding Favors

For those with different religious beliefs and affiliations, there are of course other choices for summer wedding favors. Sailboats, seashells, beach chairs, and lighthouse lanterns are all common choices. Maybe you’re looking for a beach theme or something seasonal. What colors have you chosen? Is there a musical theme? Shop carefully and be certain the wedding favors match the rest of the package.

From the solemn and traditional to the new and exciting – that’s the range you have to work with when selecting wedding favors. You’re only limited by the scope of your own imagination. Looking for a “total package” for your wedding? Try to think of these inexpensive mementos as a final piece to the puzzle and not an add-on or afterthought. We’ll be writing more about that next week.

Unique Wedding Favors for Country Club Weddings

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 by kevindflynn in unique wedding favors

The swing of the club, the feel of the wind in your hair, and the swishing sound of the ball as it cuts the morning air, all are thoughts that go through the minds of your guests when you choose to get married at a country club. For a golfer, there’s no substitute for a quick round of nine holes to start the day. The diehards play eighteen and maybe go back for more in the afternoon. Which are you? Chances are you or your spouse is a golfer if you’re getting married at a country club.

Those who attend a country club wedding are unlikely to forget it, but it’s not a bad idea to give them a unique wedding favor that will really bring them back to your special day every time their eyes gaze upon it. How about an evergreen window planter or a Murano glass butterfly place card holder? The former is a reminder of the green grass on the fairways and the latter is a tribute to the beauty of one of nature’s most magnificent creatures.

Country club weddings are expensive and difficult to plan because of the outdoor venues most commonly used in either the ceremony or reception. Uncooperative weather has to be planned for. Extra seating arrangements need to be made and often tents need to be put up to preserve the guests from rain or excessive heat. On the flip side, your photographer should be able to get great shots rain or shine. Country clubs are known for panoramic views and breathtaking scenery.

With all this planning going on, are the wedding favors all that important? Of course they are. A unique wedding favor tells your guests that they mean something to you. They’re not just another name on the list invited because they can give you a good gift. Even when that’s true you don’t want them to know that. A wedding favor is a nice way to say, “Thanks for coming.” Not buying them is a slight to your friends, family, and others who attend your wedding.

There are a number of real benefits to doing a country club wedding. One of course is that you can take the wedding party out to play golf the day before. Another is that the restaurant inside can be used for the rehearsal dinner and the bar for getting together over drinks. The bride and groom could conceivably take a long walk afterwards too. That par five on the back nine is pretty nice in the moonlight.

Wedding Favors should say something about Who You Are

Posted on July 15th, 2013 by kevindflynn in specialty wedding favors, Wedding Favors

Have you chosen your wedding favors yet? There are a number of different ways to determine exactly what you should give to your guests as a memento of your nuptials. Brides and grooms often go with themed wedding favors, the kind that matches the wedding theme itself. Others go with religious or perhaps practical wedding favors. Our advice? Give your guests something that tells them a little about you and your spouse that they didn’t know before.

A wedding favor should say something about who you are. Those with vivid imaginations might want to look at fairy tale wedding favors. A couple who enjoy gambling together could go with Las Vegas wedding favors. What’s your favorite holiday or time of year? What’s your favorite color? How about a religious or spiritual affiliation or an ethnic identity? There are wedding favors that reflect all of these concepts. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you should buy or, worse yet, what you think others, like family members and friends, think you should buy.

Are you into animal themes? How about a Peacock Feather Design Candle Holder wedding favor or an owl design bottle stopper? You could even go with the Lady Bug Place Card Holders. They are a popular item in our new inventory list. Do any of these reflect your personal interests or preferences? Remember, it’s important to make your choice of wedding favors about you, not everyone else. Please refrain from asking the question, “Will all of my guests be happy with this wedding favor?” That’s not what it’s all about. They are there for the wedding, not the wedding favor.

Instead, ask yourself this question, “Will my guests think of me with a smile when they open a drawer or look on the mantle at this wedding favor years from now?” If the answer is yes, you have made the right choice. If the answer is no or maybe, keep looking. Truly Wedding Favors has the variety you need to find exactly what you want. Just click the “home” tab on this page to see it all.

Spring Weddings – 3 Points to Consider

Posted on March 12th, 2013 by Elsa in Wedding Favors

Spring is fresh, green, beautiful.  It is a time of rebirth, fresh starts, and cute baby animals.  Spring is filled with romantic images of fresh blooming flowers and is the perfect time of year to get married.  Trouble is that spring weddings have to content with weather and other factors.  What can you do to make sure your spring wedding is perfect?

  1. Make sure that you do not have an outdoor only site.  There are very few places in the country where weather is totally predictable in the spring.  The last thing that you want is for all your guests to go running for cover when the sky opens up.  Make sure that there is somewhere obvious to go for cover and that you have an indoor or covered location where the cake and food can be served.  If the weather looks iffy, it is a good idea to make sure your guests are aware so they can plan and dress accordingly for your spring wedding.
  2. Pastel Everything.  People know it is spring, and it is a wedding.  There is no need to pastel the living heck out of your color theme.  Too much pastel and your guests will be confused about whether it is Easter or a wedding.  In addition, grooms frequently object to overly-pasteled color themes. Not to say you can’t have a lot of pastel, if that is your choice, but be sure to include rich jewel tone accents here and there to give your theme some flair.
  3. Plan for mud and drastic temperature changes.  This relates back to point one in that it involves weather, but this point is more specific to the party.  Bridesmaids and brides in particular are prone to the problems that mud and temperature changes bring.  Carefully consider location when picking out shoes and dresses.
    If you are particular about the look of the bridesmaids, be sure to provide them with cute sweaters or jackets they can wear when the temperature drops.  It will keep them comfortable, beautiful, and doubles as a favor.  Also, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, be sure that your wedding dress can be adjusted so that it does not drag in the mud!

As it is with anything, pre-planning is everything.  Weddings are a special time for guests, bride and groom, and wedding party.  Make sure that you are thinking through all the practical aspects of a spring wedding as you plan.

For the Boys

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It is easy to only think about the girls when planning a wedding. After all, weddings are about beautiful dresses, flowers, pretty cakes and happily ever after. It is important to remember, however, that a wedding is a special time for the guys, too. They may not be as excited about all of the decorations or the color scheme, and they may not talk about it a lot, but men love love too. Your groom is just as excited to see you walk down that aisle as you are to walk down it, and the male guests are just as happy to see the two of you making this commitment to each other as the female guests are. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should think of all of your guests in the exact same way or think that you have to provide the same favors for everyone. Offering different favors for the men and women that come to your wedding is a great way to add a unique twist to your celebration and ensure that your guests will appreciate the token of your affection and thanks.

Differentiating favors by choosing one color for the men and one color for the women is one way to create the sense that you thought about “the boys”  when you were planning your wedding, but there are many other much more creative ways to let your favors stand out as a major impact for your special day. Here are a few fantastic ideas for favors that your male guests will be happy to see and even happier to bring home:

  • Personalized Pint Glasses—There is no hard and fast rule that says that every toast that is made to you and your partner has to be done with champagne. Instead, give your male guests pint glasses engraved with your wedding date so he can raise his favorite beverage to you and always remember the fun he had on your special day.
  • Letter Opener—Men are notorious for getting frustrated with tasks like opening mail and everyone knows that they love shiny implements. Give them a favor that they will want to display on their desk—and will actually use on a daily basis—by choosing a letter opener. Murano glass letter openers are a gorgeous way to incorporate some of your wedding colors into your favor without being too dead-on with the match and offering a functional wedding favor.
  • Bottle Opener—Everybody needs a bottle opener and why should they settle for those boring plain metal ones when you can give a creative, themed bottle opener as your wedding favor? Choose a shape that fits in with your wedding theme or that speaks to one of the groom’s favorite activities or interests and you’ll have a favor that the men will love and use for years to come.

The Perfect Blend

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perfect blendA good marriage is the perfect blending of two lives into one beautiful shared experience, and that is exactly what this adorable and unique wedding favor tells the world about you and your partner. Every wedding needs a favor to send home with guests and the one that you choose can say a lot about you as a person, you and your partner as a couple or the theme of the wedding. One important thing to remember is that the favor that you choose does not have to fit in perfectly with the theme of the wedding if you don’t want it to, and it doesn’t have to be the same old pouch of Jordan almonds or tiny pieces of candy that every other wedding has. Your wedding favor is your opportunity to thank your guests for being a part of the celebration of your love that you are enjoying on your wedding day, acting as witness to the promises that you made to each other and acknowledging them for being a part of your lives. This means that you should choose an item that you love and that will perfectly represent you and speak to your personality.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that not every wedding is alike. If you are blending more than just two people, but, rather, two families and want to offer a favor that will show how happy you are to be bringing together all of the members of both sides into one family, this Perfect Blend favor is the perfect choice. Rather than just showing how happy you are to be marrying your new spouse, you are also showing how happy you are to have your new step-children in your life and telling all your guests that this family is the ideal mix.

The large burlap bag is filled with coffee, which makes this favor both a touching sentiment and a useful takeaway for your guests. It is important to remember if you are going to have children coming to your wedding that you aren’t likely to make many happy little ones with a favor of a bag of coffee, and the parents probably wouldn’t let them take one anyway. This leaves your youngest guests out of the fun of wedding favors. Instead, find a complementary favor that is better suited to children such as a miniature coloring book and crayon set or hot chocolate mix in a cute cup.

Bridal Showers Favors that Will Amaze

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Eiffel Tower Curio Box FavorsThe bridesmaids are the unsung heroes behind a wedding. It is typical that for a bridesmaid to invest a week’s worth of labor and possibly a small sum of cash into her friend’s wedding. On top of that, the bridesmaid has to put up with the stress and drama that inevitably accompany any wedding. It is important to remember the bridesmaids while planning, and most importantly make them feel special and appreciated. Bridal showers favors are a great way to say thank you.
Some brides think that buying the dress is enough. Newsflash: buying the dress in NOT enough. In fact, many bridesmaids feel that if they are required to wear a certain dress, then the bride and groom should provide it.

Stun and Amaze the Bridesmaids

A wedding day is all about the bride and groom, and even the best of friends get tired of the I, me, my that comes with the territory. Though few will mention it, they almost all feel a little grated upon by the time the wedding arrives – even when the bride is as sweet as pie.
Before the wedding is the bridal shower, when the bride gets awesome gifts from her best friends. Be the smart bride and be ready to turn the tables on them with thoughtful bridal showers favors that each of them will use over and over again.

Custom picture albums or collages: Pick a small album and load with pictures of yourself and the bridesmaid through the years. When they open their gifts, initially they will think it is just the same thing for each of them. Watch their eyes light up as they flip through hand chosen pictures!

Purse, compact mirror and purse hook packages: There are so many possibilities with this concept. You could either give them all snazzy purses or compact mirror that match the dress, or you could give them all unique purses and a themed purse hook.

Get Crafty: Pick out a small, inexpensive, but cute jewelry box. Then make each bridesmaid a unique piece of jewelry, themed with the wedding colors. Tuck each piece into the box, then give each girl a unique keepsake. They will want to wear them at the wedding and beyond.
Wowing the bridesmaids is super-easy when you show them that your care for them as much as they care for you.

Plus, considerate bridal showers favors will go a long way towards softening any Bridezilla moments (you will have at least one!) that happen.

Wedding Favors for the Offbeat Wedding

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Murano Glass Flip Flop Cheese Board and Knife Set Wedding favors, the gifts that you choose as mementos for your guests, don’t have to be the same old, same old from wedding to wedding.  Your wedding is about you, as a couple, and the favors you choose should be, too.


If you’d rather spend your time in the kitchen, preparing a meal for your friends, selecting gourmet olive oil or choosing the perfect accompaniments for each course, you’re a foodie. And, we have the perfect wedding favors for your wedding, ones that are not only beautiful but great additions to any kitchen.  Our Grate Love cheese grater, Tastefully Yours cheese board and oil bottles would be great gifts for any occasion.  But, as wedding favors, they really stand out.

Wine Lovers

Oenophiles deserve their own category of wedding favors.  If you think the perfect gift is a vintage wine, you’ll find the perfect wedding favors from among our selection.  Whether it’s any of our many bottle stoppers, the Murano glass grape design coaster, opener and stopper set or a set of personalized wine glasses, any wine lover will adore our favors.


Aspiring world travelers may take on the globe, seeing the greatest cities and all the wonders of the world but, when it comes to wedding favors, they only need to browse our selection.  Whether it’s something that reminds them of their favorite romantic destination like our Eiffel Tower bottle opener or a Murano glass piece that echoes the beauty of Rome, we have the perfect wedding favor for the perfect day.  And, with the great prices we can offer our customers, ordering personalized favors, like our Suitcase Favor Tins, can make it a wedding that is truly about the happy couple’s unique bond.

Whatever your interests and passions, we have wedding favors that are you.  You can find the perfect gift for your wedding guests that will have them remembering your special day and you for years to come.  We can even match your wedding theme to something completely unique, just for you.  Your price range, your taste and your wedding can all come together.

Snowflakes, Holidays and Weddings: Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

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Winter Wonderland Wine StopperPlanning your winter wedding offers you a unique panoply of options.  From the favors to the flowers to the attire, winter weddings can incorporate your personalities, your backgrounds and your individual tastes easily.

If you start by choosing your wedding colors, you can focus on the winter hues found in nature with pure whites, pine greens and icy blues.  These shades bring the elegance and simplicity of earth’s splendor to your wedding.  Or, you can select festive shades of red and gold, combined with the green of holly leaves to make your wedding an event celebrating the joy of the season and bringing families together.

Once your color palette is chosen, you can start selecting attire and favors that coordinate with it.  For a winter wedding, warmth is obviously a priority in both gowns and suits.  The winter bride will be beautiful in a gown with long sleeves, fur trim or winter accents.  The current trend of strapless gowns lends itself well to accessories such as shawls or capelets and, of course, classically tailored jackets.  For the groom, scarves offer colorful accents and a way to bring his personality or interests into the wedding.  Many grooms choose subtle tributes to their favorite teams or movies and, by matching these accessories with other members of the wedding party, you can create a truly memorable wedding day.

Winter wedding favors are traditionally décor items such as candles, holiday tree ornaments or photo frames.  Any of these can be easily personalized with the couple’s initials, the wedding date or even a photograph of the couple themselves.  If you prefer to give more modern favors, winter wonderland wine bottle stoppers, snowflake key chains, or winter flurry place card holders are good choices.

Your winter wedding flowers may not offer the options of a June ceremony but, even in the coldest of days, you can find beautiful poinsettias, ivy, crocus, orchids, or snowberries.  Incorporating pine cones and holly can bring more natural tones in without detracting from your colors and add texture to bouquets.

Winter weddings are truly a celebration at the time of year most in need of them.  With the cold outdoors, your ceremony and reception will draw your loved ones together, reminding them of the importance of love and gathering.  Make choices that help reinforce that and you’ll have a wonderful time whether your day is in the middle of a winter wonderland or not.