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By Yours Truly

Weddings are a time of cheer, joy, romance, hope... and oh yes, before we forget, hefty expenses. Just about everything that a bride to be sets her hearts on for her big day will come with a high price tag. If you're on a limited budget, scrimping on your dress or the food might not seem very appealing. In a situation like this, it makes more sense to scout around for inexpensive wedding favors.

Fortunately, cheap wedding favors don't have to mean unattractive gifts that don't appeal. With a little imagination and some serious hunting, you can find favors that will make an impression without making a dent in your wallet.

Here are 10 great picks for cheap wedding favor ideas:

1. Pick out little mini baskets from thrift stores. Fill these with candy, and insert a little silk flower or mini trinket for a touch of glam. Wrap with a tulle bow.

2. Stainless steel mint tins in circular or heart shapes can also be used to contain candies and nuts. For an extra special touch, write a trivia question related to you or the groom and paste them on the outside of each fold up box. Put in a slip of paper with the answer inside and watch as guests join in the excitement of your own personal wedding trivia!

3. Choose from a variety of little bags on line - beach bags, silver, white, and blue mesh bags and fill these with Jordan almonds. Or try personalized candy; many companies offer these at affordable pieces. Remember to tag each bag with a printed tag that has your names, the date and a "Thank You" lettered out in a beautiful font.

4. Candles are eternal in their appeal, and are available in enough price ranges to ensure that you find frosted or votive candles that are within your budget.

5. Key chain wedding favors may seem a little done to death, but can be personalized with your names to create a cheap wedding favor that's affordable and pretty. If you're having a themed wedding, choose key chains that blend with the mood. For instance flip flop key chains set the mood for a summer or beach wedding.

6. Give a gift that will keep growing. A little potted plant is inexpensive and can easily be brought in bulk at a nursery near you. Don't forget to include the name of the plant and instructions for its care.

7. Seed packet wedding favors are always popular, symbolizing as they do new beginnings and fresh starts. You can easily make these by purchasing mini pails in bulk, and filling each with a little paper seed sachet or pieces of fabric that can be used to hold the seeds.

8. Cookies are easy to bake and cheap to order if you get a bulk of them made. Personalize them, and decorate with candy or sprinkles for a truly delicious wedding favor.

9. Simple chocolate hearts or squares can be packaged in a square of gold gauze and tied with a ribbon. Remember, the most inexpensive favors always look pricey when packaged right. Appearance is everything.

10. Finally, go online and hunt for affordable wedding favors that are simple, yet pretty. With a variety to choose from you'll have no problem finding something that speaks to you, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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