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By Yours Truly

Wedding registries provide an answer for young couples that don't have a lot of money and need just about everything to establish their sparkling new households. The wedding registry is the perfect way to avoid receiving forty vases, thirty sets of wine glasses and twenty tablecloths and towel sets. So before you say, I do, follow these ten steps to happiness. Hopefully, they will lead to a new kind of life enhanced by non dust-collecting items in triplicate and quadruplicate.

1. Set up a wedding registry with two or three merchants. This will offer more options to your guests.

2. Pick physical as well as online retailers. To register, for example, with just one Web-only retailer can confuse some guests who may never have shopped online.

3. Check for hidden fees. Read the "fine print" for hefty service charges. They are often there, hiding like little torpedoes, ready to explode when one of your guests buys you a present.

4. Consider general retailers among your chosen wedding registry merchants.

5. Register for items to fit every budget, including the big bucks but considering the smaller ones as well. According to Sharon Naylor, author of "The Ultimate Wedding Registry Workbook," a popular trend among wedding gusts is to pool resources and buy expensive gifts as a group.

6. Ask the selected wedding registry about a completion package. Some retailers offer a 10% or even 20% discount on unpurchased registry items. You might also want to add things as you go so that you can get more items at a discount and keep the gifts within the confines of everyone's budget.

7. Do your homework. Become a connoisseur of household essentials and select carefully, or you might have to replace chosen wedding registry items long before you planned. Knowledge about thread counts, knife tang and silver chromium-to-nickel ratios can save you time and money in the long run.

8. Give the wedding registry your address to keep on file but suggest that it not be made available to guests. They can always ask you directly if they need to send something to your home.) Unexpected problems concerning strangers finding you can thus be avoided.

9. Ask a friend or relative to watch for packages arriving at your home while you are away on your honeymoon. The neighborhood need not know you are not at home.

10. Consider keeping some duplicate gifts. Glasses, for example, often need replacing, and that ninth vase just may come in handy for a wedding or shower gift down the road. (Just be sure you write down the name of the donor and attach it to the item. Otherwise, you might end up giving it back to the same person who gave it to you!).

Wedding registries exist solely to make life easier for the bride and groom. Think outside the box and your guests will act accordingly. Better watch out for cat guests though, or you might end up with a box of kitty litter as a thoughtful aside.

Happy wedding registry!

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