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By Yours Truly

Plan your wedding for a weekday.
Many vendors charge double or more for their venues and services on the weekends. If possible, plan your wedding for an evening during the week, or perhaps a morning on the weekend.

Arrange your own flowers.
Buy loose stem flowers and arrange your centerpieces and bouquets yourself. Get ribbon, vases, candles and other items from your local dollar store.

Ask a friend or family member to make the cake.
If you have a friend or relative who is a great baker, enlist them to make your wedding cake in lieu of a wedding gift.

Serve dessert and drinks only.
Instead of a plated or buffet dinner, have a dessert reception instead. Serve an array of delectable desserts, coffee, tea and one signature cocktail. Make sure it's clear on your invitation that it's a desert only reception.

Choose affordable wedding favors.
Don't skip wedding favors altogether. That would be tacky. Instead choose inexpensive, elegant favors from Truly Wedding Favors. You can find an assortment of fabulous favors that are as affordable as a dollar each.

Print your own wedding invitations.
Buy cardstock and print your own wedding invitations from your home computer. You can choose from a wide selection of beautiful papers and fonts.

Find a sponsor.
Sponsored weddings have become more and more acceptable in recent years. You can offset many wedding costs by allowing a business to sponsor your wedding. Just make sure that their signage or advertisements aren't so prominent that they are obnoxious.

Rent or borrow your wedding dress.
For those women who aren't dead set on a brand new dress, you can find local shops where you can rent a beautiful bridal gown for a fraction of the cost. You can also consider borrowing your dress from your mother, aunt or other family member.

Keep your guest list under control.
You don't need to invite friends of friends or long-distance relatives. Keep your guest list short and sweet, inviting only those near and dear to you.

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