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If you want to give away something a little different at your wedding rather than traditional wedding favors, here are some unique alternatives.

Lottery or Raffle Tickets
Some couples are choosing to provide each guest with a lottery ticket. This is a very inexpensive option that will allow your friends and family a chance to hit the jackpot! Another interesting idea is to hold a raffle.

Each guest is given a raffle ticket. A raffle drawing is held at some point during the reception where you give away three big prizes (such as a hotel, restaurant or spa certificate). Everyone who doesn't win one of the top prizes will be given a small favor, such a favor box containing Jordan almonds, Hershey's Kisses or mints. The raffle is a fun way to allow all your guests a chance at a bigger prize, while making sure everyone gets something.

Charitable Donations
The couple may decide that in lieu of standard favors they are going to give a set amount of money to their favorite charity in the names of their guests. This is a terrific way to make a donation to a worthy cause.

If you choose to do this, be sure to place a card on each table at the reception explaining about the donation to your guests. You wouldn't want anyone to think that you just skipped the wedding favors entirely!

Eco-friendly Favors
As the world continues to focus on going green, eco-friendly wedding favors are increasing in popularity. The bride and groom often give flower seeds, plant bulbs and potted plants, instead of traditional favors.

At Truly Wedding Favors, you can find several wedding favors that were created with the environment in mind, such as the "Love is Blooming" Wildflower Kit or the Plantable Daisy Wildflowers. These are eco-friendly, affordable wedding favors that all your guests will love.

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