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The Bride's closest friends and family have witnesses her meet the man of her dreams, fall head over heels, get engaged, and now they are coming to the bridal shower to celebrate this monumental chapter in her life. An elegant way to thank your closest friends and guests for their devotion and helping make your bridal shower a smash is with a bridal shower favor. But how will you find something that everyone will enjoy and still have money left over for the wedding? There are lots of ways to give all of your guests thoughtful and unique bridal shower favors without going overboard on cost.

Does your bridal shower have a group of tea and coffee lovers? A soap and candle bath set makes for a wonderfully affordable bridal shower favor that will have them happily sipping their favorite brew at home. Tea packs are also universally enjoyed and won't break the bank. Coffee scoops are both affordable and practical. And for guests who want to cover their coffee breath, tasty breath mints are a great way to go.

For the wine connoisseurs among your guests, a stainless steel corkscrew will be greatly appreciated. To help them preserve their wine at home, wine stopper wedding favors can be both a thoughtful and affordable bridal shower favor. Classy wine glasses or champagne flutes are not only a great gift, but can be used right there at the bridal shower.

Themed bridal showers have become increasingly popular, and are usually accompanied by bridal shower favors that match the theme. Guests who attend a kitchen themed bridal shower can go home with a mini whisk or salt and pepper shakers. If you are throwing a seasonally themed bash, wow your friends with a fun snowglobe or spring flowers in vases. Miniature flowerpots are ideal if you are hosting a garden themed bridal shower. If you want your bridal shower to have all the fun of the Hawaiian Islands, give your guests small Tiki dolls.

Not sure what kind of bridal shower favor your guests might be interested in? No worries. Every attendee is sure to appreciate a gift of lip balm. Scented candles can be a unique bridal shower favor that your guests can enjoy relaxing with at home. Goodies such as cookie and chocolates are always a crowd-pleaser. And if you really want to make your bridal shower memorable, send your guests away with personalized bridal shower favors. Personalizing will show your attendees you made an extra effort to thank them for their generosity, and will give them a treasured keepsake from the event.

But remember, the greatest gift you give to your guests is their knowing that you thought them important enough to be a part of this special occasion. A thoughtful and affordable bridal shower favor simply gives your friends a tangible way to remember your bridal shower, and tells them how grateful you are for their continued friendship.

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