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Years ago, wedding favors were almost always candy-coated almonds (now commonly known as Jordan almonds). Italians called the candy-coated almonds "confetti" from the word for confection. To this day, confetti is still the wedding favor of choice in most traditional Italian weddings.

Much of the time, five Jordan almonds were given to each guest to represent a wish for health, happiness, long life, prosperity and fertility. Confetti (almond) flowers are made from joining together five Jordan almonds to create beautiful, custom-made wedding favors. Though you can find some companies that manufacture these Jordan Almond Flowers, they aren't difficult to make yourself. For your convenience, sells both the completed flowers and do-it-yourself Jordan Almond Flower Kits.

The word "confetti" as you may know it - the small bits of paper that are tossed at the bride and groom in celebration - actually stems from this same use of the word confetti. Since tossing actual confetti (almonds) would certainly injure someone, paper confetti was created to symbolize the almonds. Therefore, when you toss paper confetti at the bride and groom, this tradition is also a wish of happiness and fertility.

Another wedding tradition is to throw rice at the bride and groom as they leave the church or reception. Over the years, it has become a common misconception that people shouldn't throw rice anymore because it's bad for the birds. We hear stories that pigeons will explode when they eat rice. Some experts say this is not true.

Years ago, rice expert Mary Jo Cheesman at the USA Rice Foundation disputed this idea. "This silly myth pops up periodically, and it is absolutely unfounded," Cheesman said.

However, rice still might not be a great choice. When left on sidewalks or steps, scattered rice is a danger to anyone who may walk on it, slip and fall.

Instead of throwing paper confetti, blowing bubbles or tossing flower petals may be a better idea. Whatever type of "confetti" you choose from almonds to paper, you need a way to package it. At Truly Wedding Favors, you can find a variety of different decorative mesh favor bags and other containers for as little as $0.15 each that are perfect for confetti.

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