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If you're a typical harried groom, chances are you'd forgotten all about any gift buying for your buddies until your fiancée reminded you! Here are some gift ideas that cover most of the popular choices for groomsmen.

Buying Gifts for the Guys
Buying gifts for men is a whole different ball game from picking out trinkets for the bridesmaids. Women tend to like things for their aesthetic value. Pretty, beautiful, gorgeous are all the keywords here. Guys prefer gifts that have some utility value. If it's something they can use or carry around, they're happy.

Engraved pocket knives with the couple's names and the wedding date etched in silver are a sure fire way to keep the boys happy. Hot leather ware (no, not the racy kind!) in the form of elegant cufflink sets, desk planners and travel sets may be on the pricey end of the scale, but will ensure that your groomsmen wont' regift these to anyone else.

Take your groomsman's personality and profession into account while choosing gifts for him. An elegant pocket watch will score you many buddy points and is the prefect choice for an executive type. A silver business card holder goes from being merely an accessory to carry his cards to a conversation starter.

Cigars and smoking accessories, travel kits, flasks and bar accessories, golf accessories, personalized beer mugs - these are all gifts that any groomsman will love. Your college buddies will love sports themes that can include a baseball bat or a personalized ball mounted on a pedestal. If he's a baseball nut and the wedding's happening during baseball season, gift him a couple of tickets.

The newer trend is towards gifts that will last a long time and something that fits into a groomsman's lifestyle. Trendy gym bags and personalized monogrammed checkbooks holders are gifts that your friends will keep using long after the wedding party has ended.

Cufflinks can be tricky. If your groomsman is not the kind of guy you think would be wearing cufflinks anytime soon, give them a miss. If on the other hand, he's the most sartorially gifted of your wedding party, choose something elegant and classic. Scout antique stores to find cufflinks that are one of a kind.

Tech gifts are a gift giver's best friend. iPods and digital photo frames are a cool accessory for the tech savvy groomsman.

Some gifts speak class and affluence. Think a bottle of his favorite wine, or a box of premium cigars. A pen set may seem old and fuddy duddy, but there's something mysterious and elegant about the classic fountain pen. Plus, these have been elevated to a new status as luxury goods, which make them the perfect gift that'll impress your guys.

Whatever you choose, make sure you factor in the groomsman's personality and likes into your selection. You could buy one size fits all gifts, but the true pleasure of giving would lie in buying him something unique that reflects his personality.

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