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The wedding cake is the focal point of your wedding. All eyes will be on it as guests stream in to your reception hall, and it ranks second only to The Dress as the most memorable part of your wedding. So make sure you choose your cake wisely.

Fortunately wedding cakes have come a long way from the traditional three tiered designs dripping with butter and cream icing. The modern bride can choose from cakes that have flower petals cascading down their sides, designs that feature embedded crystals, cupcake tiers and multi colored icing! Whatever your wedding theme or budget, you are sure to find a cake that strikes the right sweet note!

Choosing the Cake
The first thing you'll have to decide on is the size of the cake. Include all the guests who you expect to arrive for the reception and also the people who can't attend if you're going to be sending them some. If you plan on serving other desserts at the reception, all guests might not want a slice of the cake.

The Design
The design of the cake is just as important if not more than the actual taste of the cake. Remember, your wedding cake will be an important part of your wedding album, so put some thought into its presentation. Ask your baker or confectioner for cake sample pictures. Browse through bridal magazines for inspiration or hunt online for wedding cake ideas. A tiered cake speaks of tradition and class, while a heart shaped cake spells whimsy. Or go for a cupcake tiered cake - assemble an assortment of cupcakes in different flavors in a tiered design. Not only does it look unique, but your guests will also love being able to walk over to the cake and pick their own cup of confectionery heaven! If you do choose a tiered cake, accent it with beautiful embellishments. A white cake will look lovelier with light green orchids. White pearls will accentuate a pink cake. Striped ribbons, roses and other accents can be used to add imagination and style to your cake. Choose your cake after you have decided on the décor, the food and other reception details. The perfect wedding cake should be one that not just matches the décor but also reflects the personality of the couple. Get creative! Lose the plastic bride and groom figurines. Cake toppers come in unique styles these days, and vintage ones are especially popular.

Taste and Flavor
Never assume that an elegant, but bland cake is going to score you any points. Guests will be quick to note the difference in the style and taste of the cake. The traditional vanilla, carrot and chocolate flavors are safe choices. If you'd like to add some sinful chocolate to your cake, but have your heart set on a pretty white design, consider a sumptuous chocolate filling. Exotic spice cakes that include ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and other fiery ingredients will ensure your guests will remember the taste of the cake long after they have forgotten the dress or the reception!

If you've picked out a really elaborate cake design, make sure your guests remember its appearance long after the wedding by gifting them beautiful heart design wedding cake servers or for a fall wedding, autumn wedding cake candle wedding favors.

Whatever the type of cake you choose, make sure your baker knows all your specifications including the size, decoration details, the kind of cake toppers required and the exact date and time of delivery. The wedding cake has the shortest lifespan of all the elements of a beautiful wedding - choose one that people will remember long after it's gone!

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