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Think about it. The average American wedding costs $27,000. A sizeable portion of this money tends to be tied up in unnecessarily lavish expenses, money that you could use to set up an apartment for your new life together. Having a wedding on a budget can save you many thousands of dollars in inflated costs.

Planning the big day on a budget is not as difficult as you might think. If you have fears that your budget wedding will end up a drab colorless affair, put your mind at ease. A budget wedding can be just as elegant as an extravagant price-no-bar do. Just be resourceful and creative, and you can have the wedding of your dreams, and still have change left over to start your new life together.

The Dress
Much of the wedding centers on the wedding gown, and a dream gown can easily cost thousands of dollars. While nobody is suggesting that you wear a tacky dress to your own wedding, you might want to scour online for beautiful dresses that don't cost a bomb. Check out outlet stores for discount bargains, or consider last year's styles that can be had for marked down prices.

An upscale country club wedding will provide a scenic backdrop but can set your wedding budget skyrocketing. A church hall is a cheaper alternative, or you can choose to have the wedding at home to cut down costs further. If you have your heart set on a classy venue, consider an off season wedding date - many venues mark down their rates during these seasons. Choose a weekday for your vows- some reception halls will have marked down rates for these days too. Having both the ceremony and the reception at a single venue can also help cut down costs.

The wedding reception can eat into a substantial portion of your budget. You don't have to splurge to impress your guests. Substitute expensive flowers with beautiful candles. You'll save money without sacrificing the romance quotient of the event. Make use of beautiful fabrics like tulle to decorate the hall - fancy decorations can also rack up expenses. Recorded music can play just as well as a live band. If you must have a professional DJ, interview several of them, and compare costs before making a decision. Pass on the emcee - ask your friends or a family member to pitch in for the day. Limit the number of guests. Classmates you haven't seen in years don't necessarily merit an invite to your wedding. Consider a buffet dinner - it's less expensive than a sit down dinner.

Limo rentals can be pricey. Hitch a ride in a friend's Mercedes instead.

If delicacies like lobster are out of your reach financially, don't factor them in to a tight budget. Food doesn't have to cost a small fortune to taste great. Serve champagne only for the toasts.

Choose a simple two tiered cake or a cup cake design that's cheaper.

Wedding Favors
A wedding favor may not seem like a sizeable expense when it's just one piece you're looking at. Multiply it by the number of guests you expect, and it can seem overwhleming. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap wedding favors to ensure you find something that's elegant and within your financial means. You could also save money with homemade wedding favors.

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