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Undoubtedly, the food will be one of the major costs of your wedding reception. Of course you want to make sure that you have enough food for all your guests, but you shouldn't break the bank with inflated catering costs.

Here are some tips on how to cut costs on your catering bill.

Don't order too much. Oftentimes couples want to order a few extra trays of hors d'oeuvres, or offer three or four entree options instead of just two. Though these ideas are pluses, they aren't necessities. You certainly can get away with having minimal hors d'oeuvres, in addition to breads and salads. And when choosing entrees, one chicken (or seafood) and one beef is enough.

Offer only one or two very basic desserts (such as ice cream or mousse) if you are having a large wedding cake. Most people don't eat dessert (or at least don't finish it) at a wedding. So don't waste your money in this area.

Food such as lobster, salmon and shrimp will definitely raise your catering bill. Instead of offering these expensive foods as entrees, use them as appetizers instead.

Choose buffet stations instead of a sit down meal. Food stations that offer different types of sauces and pasta are very popular and relatively inexpensive. You can also also have Mexican, Chinese or Indian cuisine, which are all more inexpensive in food stations than as a sit down meal.

Offer a signature drink rather a full open bar. Having one or two signature cocktails is unique way to add a sophisticated touch to your reception, while also saving you a bit of cash. Here are some cocktail recipes that are perfect to use for signature drinks.

Other ways to save money on your wedding catering bill:

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