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With all your other wedding expenses, setting aside a substantial amount of money for your honeymoon may seem impossible. Though you want to have a wonderful trip, you also don't want to go into debt.

Here are ten ways that you can save money on your honeymoon.

Book a Package Deal
If you are headed to a honeymoon resort, consider an all-inclusive deal. These packages combine airfare, room accommodations, meals, tips, spa services and other activities in one all-inclusive price. Not only is it cheaper than bookin separately, but it's also great not to have to worry about paying along the way.

Register for Your Honeymoon
Nowadays, you can register for your honeymoon just like you register for your wedding gifts. A honeymoon registry allows your friends and family the opportunity to contribute to your honeymoon rather than buying wedding gifts. If you don't need another toaster or a bread maker, register for your honeymoon instead!

Stay Domestic
Choose a honeymoon location within the U.S. A cabin in the mountains of New Mexico or a beach front condo in Maine can be just as romantic as anywhere else in the world. Many couples don't even think about honeymooning within the United States and they really miss out!

Travel Smart
Avoid traveling on the weekends. Travel Sunday through Thursday for the cheapest hotel rates and airfare. Avoid holidays, Spring Break and other popular travel dates. Be flexible as to your time of travel. Normally early morning and late night flights are the least expensive.

Choose the Off-Season
Wherever your honeymoon destination may be, from the Caribbean to Europe, you should try to visit in the off-season. If you are heading down South, travel during less expensive times of year such as the green season. If you are headed to Europe, travel from January through March when you can get rates as much as 60% off peak prices.

Cut it Short
No one says that your honeymoon has to be a week or two long. You can find a variety of 4-day/3-night packages that are relatively inexpensive, but still offer all the fun and romance of a longer honeymoon.

Eat Cheap
Don't dine at 5-star restaurants or order room service on your honeymoon. Instead choose local eateries, such as cafes, mom-and-pop restaurants and pizzerias. If you have a kitchen in your suite - use it! It can be fun to cook with your new mate!

Skip Shopping
The boutiques at resorts and in other tourist areas are often overpriced. And most of the clothes and other items in those shops are tacky anyway. Just save your money for something else on this trip.

Locate Discounts
Search online for promotional codes. Airlines, hotels and car rental agencies all offer special promo codes and discounts. If you are a member of AAA, carry a Diners Club card, or belong to any organizations, you may also qualify for a discount. Also, ask your travel agent if there are special honeymoon packages that may include a free meal, gift basket, champagne or spa treatments.

Cut Back on Wedding Expenses
If you want a lavish honeymoon, you can cut back other wedding expenses instead. Follow this guide for planning a wedding on a budget. And be sure to order affordable and elegant favors from Truly Wedding Favors.

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