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If you are a best man in a wedding, you will likely be responsible for giving the first toast at the wedding. There are a lot of different ways you can go about toasting the newlywed couple. By being unique, you can make the wedding even more memorable and enjoyable for the guests.

First of all, you should know what subjects should be off limits. No matter how friendly you are with the bride and groom, reliving the groom's wilder days isn't a very good idea. While this may be the standard toast in movies, in real life it oftentimes doesn't work out very well at all. The bride and even the wedding guests could become uncomfortable if the details become too racy.

While giving a speech is the most common route taken, a best man can do so much more. One idea is to turn a speech into a poem or even a song. This is a unique twist that has become more popular in recent years. You don't even need to memorize it - you can bring along notes to help you remember.

Additionally, you can meet with the parents of the bride and groom before the wedding to execute even more extravagant ideas. For example, you could surprise the bride and groom with a slideshow with pictures you obtained from the parents. Another idea is to produce a video with background footage of the couple.

If there isn't the equipment for a slideshow or a video available, you could ask for a few items from the parents that hold sentimental value. You can then present each item and give a correlating story.

Be prepared, be sincere and be complimentary. While saying a speech off the top of your head isn't a bad idea, by going the extra mile you can help the wedding be a smashing success!

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