CNN Headline: Cheap Wedding = Happy Marriage

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Well, our headline is a paraphrase of CNN’s ~ but did you catch their article this fall? A new study found that couples who spend less on their wedding have longer-lasting marriages than those who are not so frugal.

The paper, published by two professors of economics at Emory University did not research the whys but guessed at some:

“It could be that the type of couples who have a … (cheap wedding) are the type that are a perfect match for each other,” said Professor Hugo M. Mialon, co-author of the study with Andrew M. Francis.

“Or it could be that having an inexpensive wedding relieves young couples of financial burdens that may strain their marriage,” he added.

Do you want a ensure a lasting marriage with a cheap wedding and cheap wedding favors?

B U T  ”cheap” is such a scratchy sounding word…I think “affordable” is so much better: that “ahhhhh” sound that is the first syllable…

Of course Truly Wedding Favors is here to help with ahhhh-fordable options ~ and not just for wedding receptions but for all kinds of celebrations:

TW28165-detail          TW12104c-detail         TW17016-detail

The colorful pom-pom favor box is currently priced at four for less than $1: #TW28165

The sweet wood-crafted place card holders are $.73 each, or even lower for 100 or more: #TW12104c

The seashell place card holders are real shells: six for $1.51, or as low as $.84 for 96+: item # TW17016

Proof you can be thrifty, appealing ~ and happy!

(The quoted article “Want a happy marriage? Have a big, cheap wedding” was written by Brandon Griggs, CNN 10/13/14)






Your Personal Touch:

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Heart-Shaped Tea InfuserA summer party was thrown for an active, much-loved grandmother’s 85th birthday.  Four generations attended!

And because she is known both for her wise heart…and enjoyment of tea, this was provided as a favor: product TW13039; see image at right>

Four teabags were also tucked alongside the tea infuser- one from each of her favorite journeys: England, France, Hawai’i, as well as Portland, Oregon (which is where she was born.) What places are meaningful to you–or your honoree?

A box of tea bags, even if organic and fancy, is affordable and then, down right inexpensive when split amongst the guests. Select those with the most beautiful graphics and your favorite or event colors on the packets. There are many to discover and choose.

Here at Truly Wedding Favors we are all about celebration!

So, feel free to embellish, “hack”–add the personal–whatever fun tweak will increase the element of playfulness or meaning to your gifts for your guests. Go ahead and replace the ribbon with a color of your own choice–your thankful, thoughtful touch can bring only delight!




“Sometimes the Most Beautiful Thing…

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…is the one

that comes unexpectedly

and unearned…

hence…given TRULY.”*

It’s not that favors are unexpected so much, it’s w h a t they are exactly that’s the surprise.

And they are given t r u l y if they are a thoughtful, personal expression from the heart…if they connect to the wedding couple’s or party honoree’s history or passions.

Look~ purchased recently on

Simple but graphic Cinderella-themed place card holders selected for a sister’s surprise birthday party~ and while the sisters are old enough to be grandmothers they clearly still have a playful relationship.

The hostess shared that her sister loved Rodgers & Hammerstein’s musical “Cinderella” as a little girl and had not missed a single revival on Broadway since.

And I can testify that buying these gave the hostess nothing but delight!

What are your interests~ or the honoree’s? What would delight you to purchase~or delight your guests to receive?

*The opening quote is by Anna Freude, by the way~

Gleaming, Sleek:

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So grateful for a new shout-out from Onewed this month…go to for a glimpse of our handsome silver dolphin bottle opener on their website–and of course, on our’s.

(I know of a bride and groom who took the high-speed ferry to their honeymoon on Catalina Island and looked out to see they were accompanied by a pod of dolphins zipping along–diving, leaping acrobatic escorts.)

And what’s so great about this favor? It shines, it is functional– and it appeals to either gender!


Dolphin Botttle Opener


What Captured the Eye…

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…of the most brides on Truly Wedding Favors Pinterest Boards, even as we head into winter?

TW6578 thumb

Brilliant Starfish Keychain

One definition of the word “favor” is: “an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.” And it’s inspiring to discover what others consider “beyond what is due.” What will make their–your–guests feel thanked and special?

Some consider a magical, slivery star fish (that is also useful to wrangle keys!) just the ticket…





Thank you…

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…for again featuring our favor on your wedding resource website.


And calling it gorgeous!

A little stainless steel spreader with a vintage style “cork” handle that makes it fun–it arrives inside a wood grain-printed box, tucked on natural raffia… under a transparent lid…tied with a satiny deep purple “zinfandel–or pinot noir-colored” ribbon. Pretty AND practical. A gift tag is provided.

Like they say, it’s so nice to be noticed!