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Your Personal Touch:

Posted on October 30th, 2014 by Kim Scheiblauer in Birthday party favors, Bridal Shower Favors, Bridesmaid Gifts, cheap wedding favors, edible wedding favors

Heart-Shaped Tea InfuserA summer party was thrown for an active, much-loved grandmother’s 85th birthday.  Four generations attended!

And because she is known both for her wise heart…and enjoyment of tea, this was provided as a favor: product TW13039; see image at right>

Four teabags were also tucked alongside the tea infuser- one from each of her favorite journeys: England, France, Hawai’i, as well as Portland, Oregon (which is where she was born.) What places are meaningful to you–or your honoree?

A box of tea bags, even if organic and fancy, is affordable and then, down right inexpensive when split amongst the guests. Select those with the most beautiful graphics and your favorite or event colors on the packets. There are many to discover and choose.

Here at Truly Wedding Favors we are all about celebration!

So, feel free to embellish, “hack”–add the personal–whatever fun tweak will increase the element of playfulness or meaning to your gifts for your guests. Go ahead and replace the ribbon with a color of your own choice–your thankful, thoughtful touch can bring only delight!