Bridal Shower Favors

Celebrating your wedding is more than a one night ceremony. One of the most enjoyable events for the bride is when the girls get together for the bridal shower. It’s a time for reflection, relaxation and celebration of the bride's last days as a single woman. Don’t forget about bridal shower favors! These special gifts are a fun and offer a memorable way to mark the occasion. Have fun, be creative, and create a memorable event for all those involved.

"Shining Sails" Silver Card Holder  (TW11044)

"Shining Sails" Silver Card Holder

The "Shining Sails" Silver Place Card Holdersmake wonderful sailing-themed or by-the-sea party favors! The silver tones will add elegance and a touch of fair-weather wayfaring to... $1.49 $1.12
Personalized Pint Glasses (TW3420s)

Personalized Pint Glasses

Your guests will be delighted to toast to the occasion when they fill these Personalized Pint Glasses with the spirits of their choice. You can choose from hundreds of unique designs and 15 colors... $2.83 $2.12
"Enchanted Carriage" Favor Box (TW28054)

"Enchanted Carriage" Favor Box

Perfect for a fairy tale-themed wedding or bridal shower, Quinceañera, even a little girls's birthday party-a touch of fantasy to any event-these carriage favor boxes call for being filled with... $0.73 $0.55
Luminous Mini-Lantern (TW14006)

Luminous Mini-Lantern

Luninous Mini Lanterns

Imagine multiples of these a-light in the evening, casting a magical glow...these traditionally designed mini lanterns are the perfect favors! Each mini lantern has...
$3.66 $2.75
LOVE Glass Coaster Set of Four (TW27005)

LOVE Glass Coaster Set of Four

These substantial glass photo coasters are simple, practical and echo the theme of the celebration, especially a wedding shower or reception. Also ideal for black and white color schemes and... $2.93 $2.20
Shell Place Card Holders (TW17016)

Shell Place Card Holders

These Shell Place Card Holders are one of our items with rave reviews--from a Cali beach bride: "just perfect for our seaside reception...I was so happy that these are made from... $1.12 $0.84
Snowflake Place Card Holder (TW14033)

Snowflake Place Card Holder

Wedding Placecard Holders

A winter wedding calls for unique favors that echo the colors and excitement of the season, and these Snowflake Place Card Holders are designed...
$2.35 $1.76
"Beach Memories" Adirondack Place Card/Photo Frame (TW25043)

"Beach Memories" Adirondack Place Card/Photo Frame

These "Beach Memories" Adirondack Place Card/Photo Chairs are the perfect touch for a summertime or shoreside-themed event! Featuring high quality craftsmanship, the back of the... $3.05 $2.29
Silver Elephant Place Card Holder (TW5356)

Silver Elephant Place Card Holder

Whether looking specifically for traditional Asian wedding favors-perhaps with a contemporary touch-for your wedding reception...or just elegant touches that will shine on your reception tables,... $2.10 $1.57
Crystal Long Stem Rose (TW2202)

Crystal Long Stem Rose

Classic and elegant, the Crystal Long Stem Rose is a luminous gesture of love or gratitude. Each favor measures 3 1/2" long and features a brilliant crystal bud atop a chrome... $2.44 $1.83
Silver Cross Themed Candle (TW5406)

Silver Cross Themed Candle

Add a tasteful shimmer to your Christian inspired event with these Silver Cross Design Candle Holders. Each frosted glass candle holder contains a poured candle center, and is... $1.81 $1.35
Clapboard Place Card Holder (TW5346)

Clapboard Place Card Holder

Lights! Camera! Action - let the clapper sound on your own blockbuster love story. These Clapboard Place Card Holders are perfect for a fun wedding reception or bridal shower or... $1.88 $1.41
Love Candle (TW5417)

Love Candle

Love Candle ~ a frosted glass candle holder with the letters LOVE spelled out across four black and white alternating quadrants. A single stylized heart embellishes the center of... $1.81 $1.35
Interlocking Silver Hearts Candle (TW3939)

Interlocking Silver Hearts Candle

Our Interlocking Silver Heart Design Candle Holders are the perfect way to announce the happy joining of two lives. A frosted glass candle holder rests on a silver resin base,... $3.32 $2.49
Chair Place Card Holder (TW5327)

Chair Place Card Holder

At the lake or the seaside, under the pines...these Adirondack Chair Place Card Holders make stylish and festive wedding favors! Your guests can take home to hold a photo or... $1.59 $1.19
Sand & Shell Tealight Holder (TW27003)

Sand & Shell Tealight Holder

Adding warmth and light and texture to any beach-themed event, these unique wedding favors will evoke fond memories of the shore. Your guests will delight in the Sand & Shell Tealight... $4.15 $3.11
Chrome Crystal Heart Key Chain (TW2213)

Chrome Crystal Heart Key Chain

Crystal so perfectly fits into the holidays, and this exquisite will bring that gleam and shine of the season. A single favor consists of a 3 dimensional... $1.71 $1.28
"Sail Away With Me" Tea Light Candle (TW7805)

"Sail Away With Me" Tea Light Candle

Simple, lovely, perfect for a nautical-themed or dockside wedding reception-any celebration, really-the"Sail Away With Me" Tea Light Candle favor is a standout. Each stylish... $2.32 $1.74
âLustrous Leafâ Bottle Stopper (TW11038)

“Lustrous Leaf” Bottle Stopper

The "Lusterous Leaf" Bottle Stopper is immediately eye-catching, with its gleaming copper finish and striking leaf shape. Definitely a unique gift that will make a statement even... $4.15 $3.11
Pearlized Photo Coasters (TW27015)

Pearlized Photo Coasters

Send each guest home with a memento of your special occasion that is both meaningful and practical. These pearlized glass coasters come cheerfully printed with a variety of good wishes including... $2.83 $2.12
Shoe Design Mirror Compacts (TW5957)

Shoe Design Mirror Compacts

Make your girlfriends' day with these fabulous Shoe Design Mirror Compacts. These fashionable compact mirrors are small enough to fit in purses, but big enough to make a great... $1.22 $0.92
Glam Girl "High Heel" Luggage Tag (TW17040)

Glam Girl "High Heel" Luggage Tag

The colorful, jazzy Glam Girl "High Heel" Luggage Tag is a stylish way to thank your guests for sharing your special event. It's a fun choice for bridal showers, bachelorette... $4.88 $3.66
Elephant Bottle Stopper (TW1950)

Elephant Bottle Stopper

The Elephant Bottle Stopper with it's iconic and elegant look bestows traditional trunk-up, auspicious wishes to all your celebrants! Each bottle stopper measures approximately 4"... $2.59 $1.94
Pearl Finish Horse And Coach Frame (TW5413C)

Pearl Finish Horse And Coach Frame

The exquisite design of this pearlescent frame features a pair of horses and open coach. The Pearl Finish Horse and Coach Frame is richly ornamented with hearts, roses and beaded... $1.83 $1.37
Silver Champagne Glass Frame (TW4010C)

Silver Champagne Glass Frame

The iconic wedding toast is represented on each Silver Champagne Glass Frame by the joyous tipping of champagne flutes embossed on the pretty silver. Use the frame to hold place... $1.59 $1.19
Delightful Celestial Home Design Lantern (TW8983)

Delightful Celestial Home Design Lantern

These charming little cottages will create a romantic ambiance at your next special event, with the celestial feel of the night time sky and warm glowing candles. Place them on your tables or hang... $7.17 $5.38
Love Cake Topper (TW18092)

Love Cake Topper

A romantic and playful way to top off your wedding cake with a decor accent that's almost as sweet as your cake! Perfect for your special day, the golden Love Cake Topper ... $24.40 $18.30
Acorn-Shaped Cheeseboard & Spreader (TW22064)

Acorn-Shaped Cheeseboard & Spreader

ON SALE: This fall, make welcoming guests even more festive with the Acorn-Shaped Cheeseboard and Spreader! Whether you're hosting an engagement party, bridesmaid gathering,... $1.53 $1.14
Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror (TW5969)

Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror

Looking for a pretty, feminine favor for your next event? Useful and special? Enchant your guests with this: The Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror. Our compact is... $1.22 $0.92
Copper Heart Concrete Coaster (TW25268)

Copper Heart Concrete Coaster

Modern and industrial, yet softened with our favorite symbol of love, the Copper Heart Concrete Coaster is table-safe resin with the contemporary look of cement~ cork-bottomed,... $3.05 $2.29
"Good as Gold" Classic Table Numbers (TW18094MD)

"Good as Gold" Classic Table Numbers

Aren't these table numbers good as gold? These "Good as Gold" Classic Table Numbers (1-612) just beg to be paired with an eye-catching table centerpiece. Add glam mercury glass votives and... $4.88 $3.66
Indian Jewel Lantern (TW14113NA)

Indian Jewel Lantern

No Indian or Southeast Asian wedding decor is complete without these beautiful jewel tone lanterns. Blending the elegance of the West with the vibrance of the East, these luminous elements feature... $14.64 $10.98
Classic Gold Lantern (TW14107NA)

Classic Gold Lantern

Illuminate your setting and make lasting memories with our beautiful Classic Gold Lantern. Crafted from matte gold metal and adorned with an all-over geometric design, each... $12.20 $9.15
Perfectly Plain Glass Jar with Place Card Holder (TW6780)

Perfectly Plain Glass Jar with Place Card Holder

Charm your guests, be creative: add a personal touch to your event tables using the Perfectly Plain Glass Jar with Place Card Holders! This simple yet clever idea is full of... $1.68 $1.26
Feathers Foil Favor Boxes (TW28236)

Feathers Foil Favor Boxes

Vibrant in gold and and a royal teal blue these Feathers Foil Favor Boxes are eye-catching enough to stand on their own yet subtle enough to blend into your wedding reception... $0.71 $0.53
A Star is Born Bookmark (TW14059)

A Star is Born Bookmark

While perfectly celebratory for baby showers "A Star is Born" Bookmark favor can be for ANY event with or without the included tag: anniversary or birthday party, Quinceañera,... $1.83 $1.37
"Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box (as little as .31/each-set of 24) (TW28164)

"Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box (as little as .31/each-set of 24)

As seen on "Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box: ideal for a celebration with natural touches and neutral color scheme. Fill the boxes with artisanal sweets,... $19.52 $14.64
Flip Flop Manicure Sets (TW5956)

Flip Flop Manicure Sets

These fun Polka Dot Flip-Flop Design Manicure Sets will get you started on pretty beach toes. A playful and useful gift for your bridesmaids...favors at a shower...or Sweet 16 or... $2.51 $1.88
Key To My Heart Wine Bottle Stopper (TW1457c)

Key To My Heart Wine Bottle Stopper

The silvery, romantic Key To My Heart Bottle Stopper is guaranteed to be a hit for any event! Stylish and practical, each chrome bottle stopper has an open heart design top with a... $2.49 $1.87
Love Within My Heart Silver Bottle Stopper (TW1456c)

Love Within My Heart Silver Bottle Stopper

A heart inside a heart...a favor that speaks louder than words. These gleaming Love Within My Heart Wind Bottle Stoppers are the perfect choice for any romantic event. Each favor... $2.42 $1.81
Good Fortune Elephant Candles (TW8226)

Good Fortune Elephant Candles

These colorful Good Fortune Elephant Candle Holders will bestow good luck upon all who receive them. With trunks auspiciously held high, the candle holders are perfect for an... $2.95 $2.21
Ornate Heart Design Bottle Stopper (TW1451c)

Ornate Heart Design Bottle Stopper

Surprise your guests with these Ornate Heart Design Bottle Stoppers: each bottle stopper has an intricately designed silver metal heart atop a conical metal base. Romantic,... $2.61 $1.96
Stylish Bling Open Heart Bottle Stopper (TW1452c)

Stylish Bling Open Heart Bottle Stopper

(NOTE: Per supplier, this item is now discontinued)Delight your guests with the silvery romance of these Stylish Bling Open Heart Bottle Stoppers. The gleaming chrome heart-design... $2.61 $1.96
Two Hearts Intertwined Place Card Holder (TWCH001c)

Two Hearts Intertwined Place Card Holder

Greet, as well as seat, all your guests with the romantic and bright Two Hearts Intertwined Place Card Holders. These beautiful silver holders symbolize the wedding ceremony--two... $1.29 $0.97
Rustic Wood Place Card Holder (TW22025)

Rustic Wood Place Card Holder

Natural yet elegant, our Rustic Real Wood Place Card Holder has real beauty. Your guests will appreciate displaying their favorite photo so simply once they have returned home.... $1.62 $1.21

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