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Visit our store for the widest selection of Christian wedding favors or religious favors, from elegant cross place card holder to cross design bookmark, cross design candle holder, Madonna and child plaque, angel bookmark, angel place card holder and much more.

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34 favors
Silver Cross Themed Candle (TW5406)

Silver Cross Themed Candle

Add a tasteful shimmer to your Christian inspired event with these Silver Cross Design Candle Holders. Each frosted glass candle holder contains a poured candle center, and is... $1.81 $1.35
Gold Cross Keychain with Hampton Link (TW8980)

Gold Cross Keychain with Hampton Link

Help your guests keep a graceful, classic symbol of their faith at hand with the Gold Cross Keychain with Hampton Link favor. It will also add an elegant yet simple touch to your... $1.98 $1.48
Brilliant Starfish Key Chain (TW6578)

Brilliant Starfish Key Chain

Surprise your guests with one of the sea's most recognizable treasures, a glimmering starfish--as a useful keychain. Each Brilliant Starfish Keychain measures approximately 1" in... $1.32 $0.99
Blessed Events Cross Photo Frame (TW1766c)

Blessed Events Cross Photo Frame

Sorry, SOLD OUT TIL FURTHER NOTICE Your guests will cherish these intricately designed and elegant Blessed Events Cross Design Photo Frames. They are beautiful gifts that can... $4.27 $3.20
Regal Cross Themed Frame (TW7768)

Regal Cross Themed Frame

Whether celebrating your love for one another or your little one, the Regal Cross Themed Frame favor is a lovely choice to thank your guests for sharing the day. This beautiful... $2.78 $2.09
Heart and Cross Bookmark (TW6494)

Heart and Cross Bookmark

Send your guests home with a favor that will have them feeling blessed and loved. The Heart and Cross Bookmark favor is a gold metal bookmark page clip in the shape of a heart... $1.20 $0.90
Choice Crystal Cross  (TW2233)

Choice Crystal Cross

NO LONGER AVAILABLE -Small in stature but beautiful in clarity, the Choice Crystal Cross favor is a lovely, multifaceted oval centered with an engraved cross. Including the... $1.95 $1.46
Stylish Compact Mirror Cross Design (TW3660c)

Stylish Compact Mirror Cross Design

Add a little spice to your perfect party with these stylish compact mirror cross design favors. Your guests will love these fun and fashionable gifts. Each metal compact mirror has... $5.37 $4.03
Murano Art Pink Glass Icon (TWpz035c)

Murano Art Pink Glass Icon

(So sorry: sold out) Murano Art Pink Glass Icon: This handcrafted Murano-style icon framed with pink glass accents is Truly a work of art. Bless your guests with the lovely curved... $4.00 $3.00
Murano Art Blue Glass Cross Design (TW5020c)

Murano Art Blue Glass Cross Design

Sorry, SOLD OUT TIL FURTHER NOTICE A beautiful way to bless your guests for sharing your special day, each Murano-style Cross in blue pebble design is delicately handcrafted and... $2.66 $1.99
Murano Art Blue Glass Cross (TW2773c)

Murano Art Blue Glass Cross

Sorry, SOLD OUT TIL FURTHER NOTICE The Murano Art Deco Blue Glass Cross favor is a beautiful way to thank your guests for sharing a special day. This favor is a lovely glass,... $2.56 $1.92
Blessed Events Keychain Cross (TW1642c)

Blessed Events Keychain Cross

Sorry, SOLD OUT TIL FURTHER NOTICE The Beautiful Blessed Event Cross Keychain is a sweet and meaningful memento for a Baptism, First Communion, baby shower--or any sacred... $1.22 $0.92
Blessed Events Cross Collection (TW1705c)

Blessed Events Cross Collection

Sorry, SOLD OUT TIL FURTHER NOTICE A lovely gesture of gratitude for your close family and friends, this cross from the Blessed Events Cross Collection is a wonderful favor for... $3.42 $2.56
Cross Themed Bookmark Favors (TW8933)

Cross Themed Bookmark Favors

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, baptism, confirmation, First Communion or other sacred event, this Cross Themed Bookmarkfavor is a meaningful choice to send home with your... $2.56 $1.92
Heart Shaped Cross Bookmark (TW3540c)

Heart Shaped Cross Bookmark

Show each guest how much their presence makes your special event even more meaningful, with this elegant Heart Shaped Cross Bookmark . This is a perfect gift for a wedding... $0.85 $0.64
Angel Flute/Candle Holder (TW8198)

Angel Flute/Candle Holder

Add warmth and light with these beautiful Angel Design Flute/Candle Holders The stem is crafted of a silvery poly resin with a lovely pewter look embellished with an angel touched... $3.29 $2.47
Murano Artistic Cross Key Chain (TW2777C)

Murano Artistic Cross Key Chain

Sorry, SOLD OUT TIL FURTHER NOTICE Add a touch of color and grace to your day in white, by sending your guests home with the Murano Artistic Cross Key Chain favor. This lovely favor is a pink... $2.68 $2.01
Cross Bookmark Favor (TW6475)

Cross Bookmark Favor

A fitting memento of a day filled with blessings, this Book Lovers Collection Cross Bookmark Favor is a thoughtful choice. Whether for a First Communion, Christening or other... $1.17 $0.88
Angel Themed Frame  (TW7767)

Angel Themed Frame

A sleek, made in heaven design is just the beginning of the exceptional attributes of the Angel Themed Frame. The pewter-finish metal frame measures 4.5" x 3.5" and features a... $2.78 $2.09
Cross Design Curio Box (TW8630)

Cross Design Curio Box

Your beautiful and blessed day will end perfectly by sending your guests home with the Cross Design Curio Box favor. This elegant and unique favor is a silver/pewter finish poly resin cross shaped... $3.64 $2.73
Angel Design Curio Box (TW8629)

Angel Design Curio Box

Your guests will feel like an angel for sharing your big day when you send them home with the Angel Design Curio Box favor. This fantastic favor is a silver/pewter poly resin... $3.12 $2.34
Elegant Angel Bookmark (TW6515)

Elegant Angel Bookmark

Send your happy guests home from your love-filled day with the Elegant Angel Bookmark favor. This beautiful, cut-out design in the shape of a gowned angel is a silver-toned,... $1.17 $0.88
Regal Angel Candle Holder (TW5445)

Regal Angel Candle Holder

The Regal AngelCandle Holder is a beautiful and useful favor that is perfect to send home with guests from a wedding or bridal shower, but would also be wonderful for a Baptism or Communion. This... $3.61 $2.71
Regal Cross Design Candle Holder (TW5444)

Regal Cross Design Candle Holder

You will add both an elegant and a spiritual touch to your special day placing these Regal Cross Design Candle Holders on your tables. This beautiful favor is a frosted white... $3.61 $2.71
Shimmering Angel Ornament (TW8637)

Shimmering Angel Ornament

Doesn't a special event call for a special favor to send along home with your guests? The Shimmering Angel Ornament favor is a beautiful messenger of your thanks. This favor is an... $2.68 $2.01
Decorative Cross Ornament (TW8638)

Decorative Cross Ornament

After your special occasion, send your guests home with this meaningful token of your appreciation. The Decorative Cross Ornament favor is sure to touch the hearts of your friends... $2.42 $1.81
Cross Design Key Chain (TW6533)

Cross Design Key Chain

The Cross Design Key Chain favor is a meaningful daily memento of faith, and of your special day as well. Crafted of silvery poly resin it is edged with beading and centered by a... $1.66 $1.24
Cross Statue (TW8639)

Cross Statue

Share your love and faith with your guests by gifting them an elegant Cross Statue . This lovely favor is a 5" tall x 3 1/3" x 1 1/4" silver poly resin cross-shaped statue. Each... $3.66 $2.75
Angel Design Key Chain (TW6532)

Angel Design Key Chain

The Angel Design Key Chain favor is a lovely and memorable way to thank your guests. A polyresin angel-shaped charm, it is touched with rhinestones and white enamel and metal... $1.66 $1.24
Angel Design Bookmark (TW6529)

Angel Design Bookmark

A wonderful way to thank your guests for sharing a very special day is to give them a memorable gift. The Angel Design Bookmark favor is a beautiful and unique gift that will have your guests... $1.78 $1.34
Crystal Choice Angel Favors (TW2246)

Crystal Choice Angel Favors

Beloved as guardians who watch over those we love, angels are enduring symbols of faith, protection and hope. Each Crystal Choice Angel Favor measures 3" x 2 1/8" and is made of... $4.54 $3.40
Crystal Cross Key Chain (TW2223)

Crystal Cross Key Chain

A gleaming way to remind your guests of the blessed event that was your special day. Each beautiful choice crystal cross key chain measures 4 1/4" x 1" x 1/2" and is highlighted by a glistening,... $1.78 $1.34
Angelic Candle Holder (TW3973)

Angelic Candle Holder

Give your guests the feeling of an angel watching over them with these Angelic Candle Holder favors. A spirited selection for any occasion, these angel candle holder favors will... $3.22 $2.42
Blessed Event Cross Design Candle Holder (TW970C)

Blessed Event Cross Design Candle Holder

The Blessed Event Cross Design Candle Holder is an elegant frosted white votive holder accented by a shimmering silver cross. The perfect emblem for the joyous theme of your event,... $1.46 $1.10

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