Picture Frame Wedding Favors

There's no limit to what you can do with picture frame favors. Insert a picture of the two of you, a place card at your reception or even a personalized "Thank You" note to each and every guest. With designs ranging from simple and elegant to ornate and embellished, you'll find a design that frames your event perfectly!

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37 favors
Magnificant Gold Lattice Frame (TW12872)

Magnificant Gold Lattice Frame

The Hand-painted Magnificant Gold Lattice Frame will welcome your guests to and set the tone for your elegant event! Made from poly resin, it features a detailed, ornate lattice... $7.32 $5.49
Photo/Placecard Holder Wine Bottle Stopper (TW1944)

Photo/Placecard Holder Wine Bottle Stopper

These unique and personalized wedding favors, the Photo/Place Card Holder Wine Bottle Stoppers are showstoppers for any occasion. Details include a two sided, clear glass... $2.85 $2.14
"Rustic Romance" Heart Picture Frame (TW25111)

"Rustic Romance" Heart Picture Frame

A heartfelt favor for a love-filled event: our beautiful "Rustic Romance" Heart Photo Frame is just the favor you want for your celebration, especially if it has a theme of... $1.95 $1.46
Pearl Design Photo Frame (TW6579)

Pearl Design Photo Frame

Add a touch of elegance to your events with these gorgeous Pearl Design Photo Frames. A classic and practical favor for all occasions. Each picture frame is approximately 3.5" x... $1.95 $1.46
Baroque Style Frame (TW6575)

Baroque Style Frame

Add a touch of style and elegance to your special day with this gorgeous Baroque-style frame as a place card holder or picture frame favors. Baroque design is known for its... $1.76 $1.32
Silver Metal Place Card/Photo Frames (TW5706)

Silver Metal Place Card/Photo Frames

Stylish and elegant, these matte Silver Metal Place Card/Photo Frames are picture perfect gifts. Subtly embellished, each frame measures 2.75" x 3.75" and can hold a 2" x 3"... $1.42 $1.06
Double Hearts Keychain Photo Frame (TW4320c)

Double Hearts Keychain Photo Frame

Sorry! DISCONTINUED: Looking for a picture-perfect favor for your special day? We have the answer for you and it is both stylish and practical. The Double Hearts Key Chain Photo Frame... $1.10 $0.82
Blessed Events Cross Photo Frame (TW1766c)

Blessed Events Cross Photo Frame

Sorry, SOLD OUT TIL FURTHER NOTICE Your guests will cherish these intricately designed and elegant Blessed Events Cross Design Photo Frames. They are beautiful gifts that can... $4.27 $3.20
Tree Branch Place Card/Photo Holder (TW25076)

Tree Branch Place Card/Photo Holder

The Tree Branch Place Card/Photo Holder ~ borrowed from nature, each favor exquisitely details the forest's beauty. A firm resin, wood-look frame with a tiny bird sweetly perched... $1.90 $1.43
Crown Place Card Holder/Frame (TW1786C)

Crown Place Card Holder/Frame

The Crown Place Card Holder/Frame favor is the perfect way to welcome your guests to your event with a touch of the regal--or fairy tale. A resin frame with a shimmering silver... $1.46 $1.10
Style Black & White Placecard/Frame (TW1790C)

Style Black & White Placecard/Frame

Add a little shimmer to your big day by setting the Style Black & White Placecard/Frame on your reception tables. This favor is a resin frame with a lovely black and white design boarder. The... $1.95 $1.46
Sleek Black & White Placecard/Frame (TW1788C)

Sleek Black & White Placecard/Frame

Your guests are sure to feel special when they sit down at your reception in front of the Sleek Black & White Placecard/Frame favor. This favor is a lovely resin frame with an elegant white and... $1.95 $1.46
Chic Black & White Placecard Frame (TW1791C)

Chic Black & White Placecard Frame

The elegant and stylish, Chic Black & White Placecard Frame favor is the perfect way to thank your guests for sharing your big day. This favor is a epoxy resin frame in a fun, wavy shape that has... $1.95 $1.46
Elegant Cross Design Bookmark (TW4328C)

Elegant Cross Design Bookmark

If you send the Elegant Cross Design Bookmark favor home with your guests, they are sure to think of you with their next great read. This favor is a silver metal photo frame with a lovely cross... $1.22 $0.92
Castle Design Photo Key Chain (TW4325C)

Castle Design Photo Key Chain

On your magical day, send your guests home with an enchanting--and practical -- favor. The Castle Design Photo Key Chain is a fun way to thank your family and friends for sharing... $1.22 $0.92
Enchanted Castle Photo Frame (TW4337C)

Enchanted Castle Photo Frame

The Enchanted Castle Photo Frame favor is a silver metal frame with a towered castle design in the corner. Each favor measures 3" x 2" and each has a 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" photo or... $1.22 $0.92
Graceful Butterfly Photo Frame (TW4336C)

Graceful Butterfly Photo Frame

The Graceful Butterfly Photo Frame favor will be a lovely addition to your spring themed wedding or bridal shower. This favor is a silver metal frame with a butterfly accent in the corner. Each... $1.22 $0.92
Beach Theme Photo Frame (TW4333C)

Beach Theme Photo Frame

The perfect addition to your beach themed or destination wedding is the Beach Theme Photo Frame favor. The Beach Theme Photo Frame can be used to hold a place card at your guests tables, to hold a... $1.22 $0.92
Heart Design Photo Coaster Set (TW825C)

Heart Design Photo Coaster Set

These >strong> Heart Design Photo Coaster Set favors are a unique way to add to your setting or to express your gratitude to your guests~ or both! This lovely favor is a set of TWO glass... $1.59 $1.19
Murano Pink Design Photo Frame (TW5055C)

Murano Pink Design Photo Frame

Add a unique touch to your special day by placing the Murano Pink Design Photo Frame on your tables. This beautiful, handmade favor is a glass photo frame with a unique pink pebble like... $6.47 $4.85
Angel Themed Frame  (TW7767)

Angel Themed Frame

A sleek, made in heaven design is just the beginning of the exceptional attributes of the Angel Themed Frame. The pewter-finish metal frame measures 4.5" x 3.5" and features a... $2.78 $2.09
Shining Cross Picture Frame (TW3702)

Shining Cross Picture Frame

Isn't a picture a wonderful way to remember a special day? Send your guests home from your sweet event with the Shining Cross Picture Frame for a wonderful remembrance. Each... $1.29 $0.97
Interlocking Hearts Photo Frame (TW1657C)

Interlocking Hearts Photo Frame

Two hearts become one in this Interlocking Hearts Photo Frame. A lovely favor for a wedding or an anniversary that you can personalize with two of your favorite photos that you want to share with... $7.32 $5.49
"Silver Pearls" Mini Photo Frame (TW14061)

"Silver Pearls" Mini Photo Frame

Your exceptional day is sure to be filled with sparkle and love. Send your guests home with a little shine from your day with the "Silver Pearls" Mini Photo Frame favor. This... $2.44 $1.83
Victorian Photo/Placecard Holder (TW7770)

Victorian Photo/Placecard Holder

Are you looking for a unique place card holder for your traditional day? Or a small photo frame with a touch of romance? The Victorian Design Place Card/Photo Holder is both a... $2.51 $1.88
Victorian Design Frame (TW7771)

Victorian Design Frame

Whether you select a classic or more contemporary theme, the Victorian Design Frame will be an ideal choice to send home with your guests. This beautiful favor is a lovely poly... $4.17 $3.13
Black Baroque Place Card Holder (TW25067BK)

Black Baroque Place Card Holder

Reminiscent of a more romantic era, the Black Baroque Place Card Holder is an elegant way to add grace to your special day. A beautiful, ornate glossy black frame crafted of... $2.44 $1.83
Antique-Finish Place Card  Holder (TW25053)

Antique-Finish Place Card Holder

These Antique-Finish Place Card/Photo Holders will add a timeless grace to your setting. Only available in gold, each pretty frame is intricately detailed, measuring 2 3/4" x 3... $1.83 $1.37
Beach-Themed Photo Frames (TW6415)

Beach-Themed Photo Frames

Your guests will always remember your special day when they insert a 2" x 3" photo of the occasion into these beach-themed picture frames. These favors are picture perfect for any beach themed... $1.83 $1.37
Frosted Glass Photo Coasters (TW27011)

Frosted Glass Photo Coasters

Add a touch of class to your favor by choosing these glass photo coasters. Each frosted glass coaster is made of solid glass, and can be used in a number of ways. Use to display a picture of the... $1.95 $1.46
Beautifully Beaded Photo Frame (TW14013)

Beautifully Beaded Photo Frame

Photo Frame Favors

As seen in the film "27 Dresses": everyone loves to receive a photo frame as a memento or gift, and this beaded silver metal frame is simple yet stylish. Beaded...
$1.59 $1.19
Elegant Arc Photo Frame (TW14014)

Elegant Arc Photo Frame

Modern Favors - Photo Frame Favors

This sleekly curved modern photo frame favor will blend seamlessly into your guests' homes, where it can be used to hold favorite pictures that demand a...
$1.83 $1.37
"Beach Memories" Adirondack Place Card/Photo Frame (TW25043)

"Beach Memories" Adirondack Place Card/Photo Frame

These "Beach Memories" Adirondack Place Card/Photo Chairs are the perfect touch for a summertime or shoreside-themed event! Featuring high quality craftsmanship, the back of the... $3.05 $2.29
Glass Photo Coaster (TW3952)

Glass Photo Coaster

Your event will be picture perfect when your guests take home these glass photo coasters as their favors. These trendy glass photo coasters offer a stylish and functional way to display photos... $1.98 $1.48
Pearlized Photo Coasters (TW27015)

Pearlized Photo Coasters

Send each guest home with a memento of your special occasion that is both meaningful and practical. These pearlized glass coasters come cheerfully printed with a variety of good wishes including... $2.83 $2.12
Pearl Finish Horse And Coach Frame (TW5413C)

Pearl Finish Horse And Coach Frame

The exquisite design of this pearlescent frame features a pair of horses and open coach. The Pearl Finish Horse and Coach Frame is richly ornamented with hearts, roses and beaded... $1.83 $1.37
Silver Champagne Glass Frame (TW4010C)

Silver Champagne Glass Frame

The iconic wedding toast is represented on each Silver Champagne Glass Frame by the joyous tipping of champagne flutes embossed on the pretty silver. Use the frame to hold place... $1.59 $1.19

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