Spring Wedding Favors

Green and yellow accents, flowers in bloom, newly rejuvenating trees - classic signs that spring is here, beautifully reflected by our selection of spring wedding favors. Gardens and sweet scents, roses and calla lilies - choose from a collection of favors that captures spring in all its light spirited splendor!

"Meant to Bee" Honey Pot with Dipper (TW23015)

"Meant to Bee" Honey Pot with Dipper

This lighthearted and practical "Meant to Bee" Honey Pot with Dipper favor will have your guests...buzzing! The honey pot measures 3" high and 2.75" in diameter, and has black... $4.49 $3.37
Personalized Pint Glasses (TW3420s)

Personalized Pint Glasses

Your guests will be delighted to toast to the occasion when they fill these Personalized Pint Glasses with the spirits of their choice. You can choose from hundreds of unique designs and 15 colors... $2.83 $2.12
Favor Tin with 40 Custom Designs (TW14030)

Favor Tin with 40 Custom Designs

Favor Tins

Looking for personalized favors that are stylish and within your budget? These favor tins are the right choice for your wedding or bridal shower. Measuring...
$2.24 $1.68
Chair Place Card Holder (TW5327)

Chair Place Card Holder

At the lake or the seaside, under the pines...these Adirondack Chair Place Card Holders make stylish and festive wedding favors! Your guests can take home to hold a photo or... $1.59 $1.19
Butterfly Guest Book (TW414C)

Butterfly Guest Book

Butterflies are a beautiful symbol of nature and spring in bloom. If you are having a spring themed event, be sure to include a Butterfly Guest Book on your sign in table. This delightful guest... $19.52 $14.64
Butterfly Pen Set (TW415C)

Butterfly Pen Set

Spring weddings are full of beautiful flowers and colorful accents. This Butterfly Pen Set is the perfect accessory to your guest sign in table at any Spring themed event. The base of the pen set... $8.54 $6.41
Butterfly Toasting Glasses (TW412C)

Butterfly Toasting Glasses

All the guests at your event will be toasting to your good taste when you choose these Butterfly Toasting Glasses for your Spring themed event. Simply elegant and perfect for a Spring wedding or a... $14.64 $10.98
Personalized Frosted Glass Candle (TW5863S)

Personalized Frosted Glass Candle

Choose from hundreds of different designs as well as 15 colors--for any occasion! Cast a glow over your celebration and gift your guests with these Personalized Frosted Glass... $1.88 $1.41
Peacock Feather Keychain Favors (TW6593)

Peacock Feather Keychain Favors

Peacock Feather Keychain Favors. Looking for an exotic and versatile favor? these splendid peacock feather key chain favors will capture your guests' heart. A symbol of long life... $1.59 $1.19
Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror (TW5969)

Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror

Looking for a pretty, feminine favor for your next event? Useful and special? Enchant your guests with this: The Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror. Our compact is... $1.22 $0.92
Flower Vase Favor (TW8737)

Flower Vase Favor

These captivating flower vases will put smiles on your guests’ faces. Timeless design, endless appeal and memorable style is exactly what these delightful flower vases all about. Whether you fill... $3.29 $2.47
Pretty Pink Butterfly Placecard Holder (TW1881c)

Pretty Pink Butterfly Placecard Holder

Greet your guests at their tables on the wings of these beautiful Pink Butterfly Place Card Holders. And at the end of the day, send these gorgeous butterflies home with them so... $1.83 $1.37
Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener (TW11125)

Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Opener

These "Palm Breeze" Chrome Palm Tree Bottle Openers are perfect favors for a summer wedding reception, a breezy beach celebration or any relaxing springtime event. The exotic,... $3.29 $2.47
Love Lights The Way Black Lanterns (TW4150)

Love Lights The Way Black Lanterns

Whatever occasion you are celebrating, the warm glow provided by Love Lights the Way Luminous Lanterns will be just the perfect touch. Whether you will use these lanterns as your... $3.34 $2.51
Personalized 10 Oz Glass Handy Mug (TW3425S)

Personalized 10 Oz Glass Handy Mug

Thank your guests for participating in your special day with a Personalized 10oz Handy Glass Mugs. Made in the USA and made to last, they can be used for either cold or hot. The... $3.42 $2.56
Butterfly Design Compact Mirror (TW13310c)

Butterfly Design Compact Mirror

Celebrate the day with these pretty, lighthearted Butterfly-Design Compact Mirrors . Each compact mirror favor is delicately embossed with floating blossoms and a beautiful... $0.98 $0.73
Calla Lily Wine Stopper (TW1425c)

Calla Lily Wine Stopper

One beautiful way to express your heartfelt thanks to your guests for attending your special day is this elegant Chrome Calla Lily Wine Stopper. Each bottle stopper is delicately... $2.56 $1.92
Scentsational Butterfly Sachet (TW753c)

Scentsational Butterfly Sachet

This beautiful butterfly design scentsational sachet favors is filled with sweetly scented beads and elegantly finished with a gold satin ribbon. A thank you note printed on the sachet that reads... $1.46 $1.10
Scentsational Groom Sachet (TW751c)

Scentsational Groom Sachet

This beautiful, fragrance filled groom sachet is a perfect favor to thank your guests for sharing your special day. This elegant sachet features a picture of a groom tuxedo with a message that... $1.46 $1.10
"Elegant Orchid" Tealight Holder  (TW20126)

"Elegant Orchid" Tealight Holder

Our Elegant Orchid Tealight Holder will add a graceful warmth--as well as color--to your wedding reception or bridal shower, Quinceañera or Sweet 16 birthday party. The... $3.66 $2.75
Murano Butterfly Bottle Stopper (TW2746C)

Murano Butterfly Bottle Stopper

Return your guests home with a shimmering reminder of your special day by gifting them the Murano Butterfly Bottle Stopper, inspired by the Murano Island masters. This favor is a... $4.76 $3.57
Chrome Starfish Wine Pourer/Stopper (TW1422C)

Chrome Starfish Wine Pourer/Stopper

The Chrome Starfish Wine Pourer/Stopper favor is the perfect way to thank your guests for sharing your special beach- themed event. The Chrome Starfish Wine Pourer/Stopper favor... $2.81 $2.10
Calla Lily Wine Pourer/Stopper (TW1420C)

Calla Lily Wine Pourer/Stopper

Send your guests home with this elegant thank you: the Calla Lily Wine Pourer/ Stopper favor. A lovely, solid chrome wine pourer with a figured calla lily atop a silver-toned... $2.81 $2.10
Butterfly Photo Key Chain (TW4324C)

Butterfly Photo Key Chain

The Butterfly Photo Key Chain is a fabulous way to send guests home from a spring wedding or bridal shower, but would also be nice for an engagement party or sweet sixteen party. This favor is a... $1.22 $0.92
Graceful Butterfly Photo Frame (TW4336C)

Graceful Butterfly Photo Frame

The Graceful Butterfly Photo Frame favor will be a lovely addition to your spring themed wedding or bridal shower. This favor is a silver metal frame with a butterfly accent in the corner. Each... $1.22 $0.92
Lovebirds Design Photo Coaster Set (Set of 2) (TW832C)

Lovebirds Design Photo Coaster Set (Set of 2)

Your guests will be charmed by the Lovebirds Design Photo Coaster Set favor, a set of TWO glass coasters, each featuring a graceful silver and white lovebird motif with branches.... $1.59 $1.19
Calla Lily Design Accessory Set (TW2499)

Calla Lily Design Accessory Set

Choose a wedding accessory set that is sure to make a lasting impression on you and your guests. The Calla Lily Design Accessory Set is a beautiful set that includes a 12 1/2" x 1" cake knife and... $76.86 $57.65
Elegant Silk Fan (TW6208)

Elegant Silk Fan

Gift your guests a graceful, useful favor: the Elegant Silk Fan ~ a lovely favor that is of course the perfect way to make guests comfortable during your spring or summer event.... $1.32 $0.99
Starfish Design Candle (TW8310)

Starfish Design Candle

The Starfish Design Candle favor is a beautiful and fun way to send your guests home from a beach themed event. This fun favor is an iridescent white poly resin round base with seashell accents... $1.95 $1.46
Shamrock Bottle Stopper (TW1922)

Shamrock Bottle Stopper

Gift your guests a little extra luck with the festive Shamrock Bottle Stopper . This favor is both fun-with the shamrock charm in Irish green-and meaningful-with the beautiful... $3.03 $2.27
Frosted White Flower Candle Holder (TW1220C)

Frosted White Flower Candle Holder

White Party Favor Candle Holders

You can't go wrong with elegant party favors like these Frosted White Flower Candle Holders. These will make a beautiful addition to your tables as well...
$3.29 $2.47
Crystal Red Rose (TW2255)

Crystal Red Rose

Give the gift that will last: The Crystal Red Rose . This elegant favor is a red crystal~ multifaceted to reflect light~ atop a silver metal stem with detailed leaves. Each favor... $2.54 $1.90
Cherry Blossoms Frosted Coaster Set (TW27040)

Cherry Blossoms Frosted Coaster Set

The cherry blossom can represent many things including love and good fortune. Send your guests home from your special day with a favor that shares your love and wishes of good fortune. The Cherry... $2.78 $2.09
"LoveBirds" Salt and Pepper Shakers (TW23033)

"LoveBirds" Salt and Pepper Shakers

Romantic and practical, these "Lovebirds" Salt & Pepper Shakers are two wedding-white, ceramic, songbird-shaped salt and pepper shakers. Each shaker measures 1 1/2" h x 2" w x 1... $3.37 $2.53
Personalized White Coffee Mug (TW3204S)

Personalized White Coffee Mug

These Personalized White Coffee Mugs will have a way of...perking up your guests! Select from hundreds of designs for any occasion: each mug is made of high quality white... $2.98 $2.23
Personalized Black Coffee Mug (TW3203S)

Personalized Black Coffee Mug

Give these Personalized Black Coffee Mugs as favors at your event and watch your guests...yes, perk up with delight! This is the perfect gift for wedding showers and receptions,... $3.68 $2.76
Twisted Stem Champagne Flute (TW3303S)

Twisted Stem Champagne Flute

Put a twist on your personalized favors with these Twisted Stem Champagne Flutes Choose simple and plain or from many designs for any occasion, 17 different colors and 8 fonts.... $3.68 $2.76
Personalized Champagne Flute (TW3412S)

Personalized Champagne Flute

Toast to any occasion with these Personalized Champagne Flutes. You can even see your completed design on the glass before you place your order! Choose from hundreds of different designs for all... $3.56 $2.67
Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses (TW3421s)

Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

These Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses are the clear choice when it comes to classy favors. Choose from hundreds of different designs for any occasion. Then choose your color and enter your... $1.95 $1.46
Stunning Calla Lily Design Candle  (TW6100)

Stunning Calla Lily Design Candle

The Calla Lilly Design Candle favor is the perfect way to bring a touch of grace to your setting. Each favor includes a clear glass candle holder with white tea light included,... $1.32 $0.99
Elegant White Folding Fans (TW6204)

Elegant White Folding Fans

These simple but classic Elegant White Folding Fans will be a breath of fresh air for your guests! They are versatile enough to add a touch of crisp white decor to your tables AND... $1.05 $0.79
Cherry Blossom Design Silk Fan (TW6207)

Cherry Blossom Design Silk Fan

Select these Cherry Blossom Design Silk Fans as favors at your springtime or summer event...see what unfolds...crafted of delicate carved wood, each are fitted with white silk,... $1.05 $0.79
"Butterfly" Silver-Metal Bookmark (TW14042)

"Butterfly" Silver-Metal Bookmark

NO LONGER AVAIL-- BUT contact us by email or phone for alternative. Capture natural beauty with these "Butterfly" Silver-Metal Bookmarks~ the polished metal favor is a cutout... $1.83 $1.37
Butterfly Design Mirror Compact (TW5918)

Butterfly Design Mirror Compact

The Butterfly Design Mirror Compact is both pretty and useful! This gift will have your guests reflecting on your special day long after the event is over. Each compact measures... $1.15 $0.86
Sandalwood Fan Favor (TW6203)

Sandalwood Fan Favor

Treasured for thousands of years, sandalwood is a uniquely fragrant wood known for its natural color and ability to support intricate carvings. Each pretty foldable fan measures 8" x 14" and has an... $1.15 $0.86

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