Wedding Favor Boxes

Want to hand out sweet reminders of your special day? Then these lovely wedding favor boxes and bags are the perfect presentation pack for your gift. Select a container that blends with your theme, fill with treats, and watch all eyes light up!

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29 favors
3-D Butterfly Favor Box (TW28130)

3-D Butterfly Favor Box

Butterflies: much-loved symbols for the New...the 3-D Butterfly Favor Box is an open-winged butterfly of vellum and white paper alight on an small white box with delicate silver... $0.81 $0.61
"Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box (as little as .31/each-set of 24) (TW28164)

"Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box (as little as .31/each-set of 24)

As seen on "Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box: ideal for a celebration with natural touches and neutral color scheme. Fill the boxes with artisanal sweets,... $19.52 $14.64
3-D Wing Ladybug Favor Box (Set of 24) (TW28160)

3-D Wing Ladybug Favor Box (Set of 24)

3-D Wing Ladybug Favor Box. Fill these delightful 3-D ladybug boxes with your favorite treats and expect smiles of delight at your party. These adorable ladybug favor boxes are... $18.91 $14.18
Pom Pom Favor Box (TW28165)

Pom Pom Favor Box

ON S A L E: The bright and festive Pom Pom Favor Box is a beautiful way to celebrate! This cheerful pop of color can only add another layer of festivity to your event. Each favor... $0.30 $0.22
Flower Pillow Favor Box (TW28158)

Flower Pillow Favor Box

Express your heartfelt gratitude to your guests for sharing the day with you with these beautiful "Love Letter" Flowering Favor Box. Grace your tables with these pretty flower... $0.82 $0.62
"Chalkboard" Glass & Cork Favor Jars  (TW27076)

"Chalkboard" Glass & Cork Favor Jars

Fill these stylish "Chalkboard" Glass and Cork Favor Jars with beautiful artisanal treats and write your guests' names on the chalkboard as place card holders. Jar favors are... $1.73 $1.30
Baby Shoe Design Trinket Box (TW8656)

Baby Shoe Design Trinket Box

Let this adorable Baby Shoe Design Trinket Box be filled with lasting treasures as well as precious memories of your joyous celebrations. Trinket box is made with durable poly... $3.49 $2.62
Daisy Design Trinket Box (TW8659)

Daisy Design Trinket Box

Captivate your guests with these beautiful Daisy Design Trinket Jewelry Box. An elegant choice for anniversary favors, wedding favors, bridal shower favors, and much more. Made... $3.78 $2.84
Rose Ancienne Collection Candle Tin Favors (TW5237)

Rose Ancienne Collection Candle Tin Favors

Let the sweet aroma of the roses fragrance your sweet day with these Rose Ancienne Collection Scented Candle Favors. Rose Ancienne, in French culture, prefers to the rose in its... $2.81 $2.10
Polka Dot Mint Tins (TW4766)

Polka Dot Mint Tins

Add a flavorful touch to your reception tables with these stylish Polka Dot Mint Tins. The unique, all time favorite modern design mint tins are guaranteed to win your guests'... $0.98 $0.73
Scentsational Starfish Sachet (TW755c)

Scentsational Starfish Sachet

This beautiful starfish shape design sachet favors will win the hearts of every guests that attend your party. Filled with sweetly scented aroma of beads inside each sachet and elegantly finished... $1.46 $1.10
Scentsational Butterfly Sachet (TW753c)

Scentsational Butterfly Sachet

This beautiful butterfly design scentsational sachet favors is filled with sweetly scented beads and elegantly finished with a gold satin ribbon. A thank you note printed on the sachet that reads... $1.46 $1.10
Scentsational Groom Sachet (TW751c)

Scentsational Groom Sachet

This beautiful, fragrance filled groom sachet is a perfect favor to thank your guests for sharing your special day. This elegant sachet features a picture of a groom tuxedo with a message that... $1.46 $1.10
Mini Paint can Mint Tin (TW4762)

Mini Paint can Mint Tin

Looking for a delightful and appealing favor that won't break the bank? This is it. These transparent Mini Paint Can Mint Tins will bring lighthearted fun and color to your tables.... $1.17 $0.88
"Autumn Elegance" Favor Box (TW28075)

"Autumn Elegance" Favor Box

If your celebration is timed with the turning of the seasons, the “Autumn Elegance” Fall Leaf Favor Box reflects perfectly the essence of fall. This stylish favor is a... $0.81 $0.61
Angel Design Mint Tins (TW4754)

Angel Design Mint Tins

These Angel Design Mint Tins are the favor of choice for any blessed event. These favors are not only divine in nature, but they are also extremely affordable. Fill them with your favorite... $1.02 $0.77
"Express Your Love" Favor Box (TW28096SV)

"Express Your Love" Favor Box

The "Express Your Love" Favor Box is a wonderful way to send your guests home with a loving token of your appreciation. This favor is an elegant, silver, wedge-shaped box topped by... $0.56 $0.42
Miniature Silver Chair Favor Box (TW15005)

Miniature Silver Chair Favor Box

These miniature silver chairs do double duty in great style! Exquisite to look at, each chair has a box which can be filled with the treats of your choice - candies, nuts, mints or quotes,... $0.82 $0.62
Miniature Gold Chair Favor Box  (TW15008)

Miniature Gold Chair Favor Box

These elegant Miniature Gold Chair Favor Boxes make excellent place card holders and also double as favor boxes! Add a personalized touch to the Favor Boxes when you add a... $0.82 $0.62
Cinderella Themed Curio Box (TW3983)

Cinderella Themed Curio Box

Add a touch of elegance and charm to your tables with our magnificent Cinderella Themed Curio Boxes. Each box is carefully crafted of durable white resin embellished with brilliant rhinestones,... $5.22 $3.92
Palm Tree Favor Box (TW28055)

Palm Tree Favor Box

This unique Palm Tree Favor Box will suggest softly lapping waves, warm sand and of course palm trees swaying ever so slightly in the wind. Perfect for accenting your tropical... $0.69 $0.51
"Enchanted Carriage" Favor Box (TW28054)

"Enchanted Carriage" Favor Box

Perfect for a fairy tale-themed wedding or bridal shower, Quinceañera, even a little girls's birthday party-a touch of fantasy to any event-these carriage favor boxes call for being filled with... $0.73 $0.55
Favor Tin with 40 Custom Designs (TW14030)

Favor Tin with 40 Custom Designs

Favor Tins

Looking for personalized favors that are stylish and within your budget? These favor tins are the right choice for your wedding or bridal shower. Measuring...
$2.24 $1.68
Silver Cross Design Mint Tin (TW4722)

Silver Cross Design Mint Tin

These Silver Cross Mint Tins are the perfect choice for a sweet baptism, confirmation or any religious occasion. Classic enough to blend perfectly into formal decor, the mint tins... $1.05 $0.79
Matte Silver Mint Tin (TW4672)

Matte Silver Mint Tin

Here are elegant favors that are small in size, but big on appeal. Easy to personalize, these mint tins have a sophisticated silver matte finish that makes them perfect for any formal occasion.... $0.78 $0.59
White Round Mint Tin (TW4682)

White Round Mint Tin

The circular shape makes these white mint tins perfect for holding round or oval shaped mints. The lid with the acetate cover reveals the treats inside. The matte finish tin will add an elegant... $0.88 $0.66
Wedding Dress Mint Tins (TW4706)

Wedding Dress Mint Tins

An elegant white bodice and a single strand of classy pearls create one very stylish mint tin! These heart shaped mint tins are also available in a tuxedo design so you can gift each guy and gal... $1.07 $0.81
Tuxedo Mint Tins (TW4707)

Tuxedo Mint Tins

These handsome tuxedo print mint tins measure 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" and is also available in a wedding gown design so you can enjoy gifting the ladies and gentlemen at your wedding. Fill with candies... $1.07 $0.81
Heart Shaped Mint Tins (TW4680)

Heart Shaped Mint Tins

Fill with little candies, stock up with mints, or load up with Jordan almonds- whatever you choose, these heart shaped mint tins will make one very delectable gift. Personalize each tin with a... $0.98 $0.73

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