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42 favors
"Shining Sails" Silver Card Holder  (TW11044)

"Shining Sails" Silver Card Holder

The "Shining Sails" Silver Place Card Holdersmake wonderful sailing-themed or by-the-sea party favors! The silver tones will add elegance and a touch of fair-weather wayfaring to... $1.49 $1.12
Shoe Design Mirror Compacts (TW5957)

Shoe Design Mirror Compacts

Make your girlfriends' day with these fabulous Shoe Design Mirror Compacts. These fashionable compact mirrors are small enough to fit in purses, but big enough to make a great... $1.22 $0.92
Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror (TW5969)

Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror

Looking for a pretty, feminine favor for your next event? Useful and special? Enchant your guests with this: The Ornate Matte Gold Rose Design Compact Mirror. Our compact is... $1.22 $0.92
"Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box (as little as .31/each-set of 24) (TW28164)

"Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box (as little as .31/each-set of 24)

As seen on frenchweddingstyle.com: "Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box: ideal for a celebration with natural touches and neutral color scheme. Fill the boxes with artisanal sweets,... $19.52 $14.64
 Lace-Like Felt Coaster Set (Set of 4) (TW4773)

Lace-Like Felt Coaster Set (Set of 4)

These vintage lace-like felt coaster sets are intricately designed in the pretty cutout, scallop-edged, crochet-inspired details. A heart warming favors suitable for all occasions.... $1.32 $0.99
Two Hearts Intertwined Place Card Holder (TWCH001c)

Two Hearts Intertwined Place Card Holder

Greet, as well as seat, all your guests with the romantic and bright Two Hearts Intertwined Place Card Holders. These beautiful silver holders symbolize the wedding ceremony--two... $1.29 $0.97
Sweet 16 Keychain Favor (TW3074c)

Sweet 16 Keychain Favor

These pretty Sweet 16 Keychain Favors are a perfect way to thank your guests for attending a Sweet 16 Birthday. Each keychain is made with pearl-white resin, embossed with clear... $1.24 $0.93
Brilliant Starfish Key Chain (TW6578)

Brilliant Starfish Key Chain

Surprise your guests with one of the sea's most recognizable treasures, a glimmering starfish--as a useful keychain. Each Brilliant Starfish Keychain measures approximately 1" in... $1.32 $0.99
Handbag Design Compact Mirror (TW5919)

Handbag Design Compact Mirror

This lighthearted Handbag Design Mirror Compact favor is playful AND practical. The handbag design is a whimsical, bright, two-piece compact mirror that slips easily into a purse... $1.10 $0.82
Butterfly Design Compact Mirror (TW13310c)

Butterfly Design Compact Mirror

Celebrate the day with these pretty, lighthearted Butterfly-Design Compact Mirrors . Each compact mirror favor is delicately embossed with floating blossoms and a beautiful... $0.98 $0.73
Double Hearts Keychain Photo Frame (TW4320c)

Double Hearts Keychain Photo Frame

Sorry! DISCONTINUED: Looking for a picture-perfect favor for your special day? We have the answer for you and it is both stylish and practical. The Double Hearts Key Chain Photo Frame... $1.10 $0.82
Double Heart Keychain Pearl White  (TW3070c)

Double Heart Keychain Pearl White

Celebrate the union of your hearts with these exquisite Double Heart Pearl White Keychain favors. Simple yet elegant, the keychains are comprised of two pearl-white hearts... $1.22 $0.92
Blessed Events Keychain Cross (TW1642c)

Blessed Events Keychain Cross

Sorry, SOLD OUT TIL FURTHER NOTICE The Beautiful Blessed Event Cross Keychain is a sweet and meaningful memento for a Baptism, First Communion, baby shower--or any sacred... $1.22 $0.92
Winter Wonderland Candle Holders (TW1029C)

Winter Wonderland Candle Holders

These Winter Wonderland Candle Holders will give your wintertime event a beautiful glow...each votive holder features two shimmering snowflakes. 2" tall, they are a perfect touch... $1.22 $0.92
She's So Sweet Votive Candle (TW990c)

She's So Sweet Votive Candle

These pretty in pink She's So Sweet Votive Candle Holder is so...ooo obviously the perfect favor for any Sweet 16 birthday party. Simple yet sparkling, your birthday celebrant... $1.22 $0.92
Candle Favors with Butterfly Design (TW1028c)

Candle Favors with Butterfly Design

Candle Favors With Butterfly Design

Beautiful Candle Favors For Your Guests. A glistening butterfly dancing on a frosted glass candle holder. What a beautiful way to...
$1.22 $0.92
Eiffel Tower Key Chain Favors (TW5220)

Eiffel Tower Key Chain Favors

Add a flair of romance, style and French to your special day with these unique Eiffel Tower Key Chain Favors. This beautiful Eiffel tower key chain is made of silver metal,... $0.98 $0.73
Cupcake Notepad Favors (TW4505)

Cupcake Notepad Favors

A delectable favors for all our guests. This scrumptious Cupcake design notepad favors are made for all occasions. The pink notepad favors has four delicious cupcakes designs on the cover, a... $1.17 $0.88
Mini Paint can Mint Tin (TW4762)

Mini Paint can Mint Tin

Looking for a delightful and appealing favor that won't break the bank? This is it. These transparent Mini Paint Can Mint Tins will bring lighthearted fun and color to your tables.... $1.24 $0.93
Wedding Dress Memo Holder (TW1416c)

Wedding Dress Memo Holder

This stylish wedding dress magnetic memo holder is uniquely designed to make your wedding day even more special. This gorgeous wedding dress memo holder is made of durable resin, elegantly comes in... $1.22 $0.92
Cross within Heart Design Bookmark (TW8406c)

Cross within Heart Design Bookmark

Show your guests how much you appreciate their presence, making your special event even more meaningful, with this elegant Cross within Heart Design Bookmark. This is a perfect... $0.98 $0.73
Heart Shaped Cross Bookmark (TW3540c)

Heart Shaped Cross Bookmark

Show each guest how much their presence makes your special event even more meaningful, with this elegant Heart Shaped Cross Bookmark . This is a perfect gift for a wedding... $0.85 $0.64
Realistic Rose Design Mirror Compacts (TW5945)

Realistic Rose Design Mirror Compacts

It is easy to see why these mirror compacts make wonderful favors: The Realistic Rose Design Mirror Compacts are undeniably useful and pretty keepsakes that really make a... $1.07 $0.81
Pocketbook Design Mirror Compact (TW5926)

Pocketbook Design Mirror Compact

Treat your guests to a fashionable and handy favor to take home after your special day. The Pocketbook Design Mirror Compact favor is a lovely silver hard-molded plastic compact... $1.12 $0.84
Cross Bookmark Favor (TW6475)

Cross Bookmark Favor

A fitting memento of a day filled with blessings, this Book Lovers Collection Cross Bookmark Favor is a thoughtful choice. Whether for a First Communion, Christening or other... $1.17 $0.88
Elegant Angel Bookmark (TW6515)

Elegant Angel Bookmark

Send your happy guests home from your love-filled day with the Elegant Angel Bookmark favor. This beautiful, cut-out design in the shape of a gowned angel is a silver-toned,... $1.17 $0.88
Purse Design Mirror Compact (TW5919)

Purse Design Mirror Compact

Send a little package full of love home with your guests after your big day. The Purse Design Mirror Compact favor is sure to make an impression on your guests and will also have... $0.98 $0.73
Elegant Butterfly Bookmark (TW6473)

Elegant Butterfly Bookmark

NO LONGER AVAILABLE...contact retail office by email or phone for substitute. The Elegant Butterfly Bookmark favor is a beautiful and loving way to send home your guests from your big day. This... $1.22 $0.92
Autumn Leaf Bottle Opener (TW4867)

Autumn Leaf Bottle Opener

Your guests will be thinking of fall all year round with this beautiful Autumn Leaf Bottle Opener favor. This wonderful and unique favor is an appealing bronze-colored metal with... $1.32 $0.99
From Paris Place Card Holder (TW5372)

From Paris Place Card Holder

Take your guests on a trip to Paris without the need for their passports. The From Paris Place Card Holder favor is a fun and unique way to bring the romance and fun of Paris to... $1.32 $0.99
Stunning Calla Lily Design Candle  (TW6100)

Stunning Calla Lily Design Candle

The Calla Lilly Design Candle favor is the perfect way to bring a touch of grace to your setting. Each favor includes a clear glass candle holder with white tea light included,... $1.32 $0.99
Elegant White Folding Fans (TW6204)

Elegant White Folding Fans

These simple but classic Elegant White Folding Fans will be a breath of fresh air for your guests! They are versatile enough to add a touch of crisp white decor to your tables AND... $1.05 $0.79
LOVE Glass Coasters (Set of 2) (TW3975)

LOVE Glass Coasters (Set of 2)

Show your guests how much you love each other with these attractive clear glass LOVE coasters. Each 3 1/2" square coaster is made of tempered glass for durability. Coasters are... $1.32 $0.99
Diamond Design Key Chain (TW8145)

Diamond Design Key Chain

Playful and an ice-breaker. Your guests will be delighted with this sparkling thank you gift, the Clear Diamond Collection Diamond Design Key Chain . Each clear crystal-like,... $0.90 $0.68
"Bubbly" Champagne Bubbles (TW21031)

"Bubbly" Champagne Bubbles

ON SALE: A playful and gentler alternative to tossing rice, the "Bubbly" Champagne Bubbles are a festive way to celebrate any occasion! The green, mini champagne bottles have a... $0.38 $0.29
Sandalwood Fan Favor (TW6203)

Sandalwood Fan Favor

Treasured for thousands of years, sandalwood is a uniquely fragrant wood known for its natural color and ability to support intricate carvings. Each pretty foldable fan measures 8" x 14" and has an... $1.15 $0.86
Butterfly Design Mirror Compact (TW5918)

Butterfly Design Mirror Compact

The Butterfly Design Mirror Compact is both pretty and useful! This gift will have your guests reflecting on your special day long after the event is over. Each compact measures... $1.15 $0.86
Shell Place Card Holders (TW17016)

Shell Place Card Holders

These Shell Place Card Holders are one of our items with rave reviews--from a Cali beach bride: "just perfect for our seaside reception...I was so happy that these are made from... $1.12 $0.84
Miniature Galvanized Bucket (TW5220)

Miniature Galvanized Bucket

If you're looking for handy, versatile favors that are not a strain on your budget, these miniature galvanized bucket are perfect for you. Just the right touch for a casual or... $0.81 $0.60
"Enchanted Carriage" Favor Box (TW28054)

"Enchanted Carriage" Favor Box

Perfect for a fairy tale-themed wedding or bridal shower, QuinceaƱera, even a little girls's birthday party-a touch of fantasy to any event-these carriage favor boxes call for being filled with... $0.73 $0.55
Matte Silver Mint Tin (TW5125)

Matte Silver Mint Tin

Here are elegant favors that are small in size, but big on appeal. Easy to personalize, the Matte Silver Mint Tins have a sophisticated silver finish that makes them perfect for... $0.78 $0.59
Design Your Own Personalized Tags (TW00001)

Design Your Own Personalized Tags

Design Your Own Personalized Tags

Design your own personalized tags to go with any of our favors. Use the personalization tool to select your color, shape, and design. Then enter what...
$0.73 $0.54

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