Winter Wedding Favors

These favors blend in perfectly with seasonal accents. From candles to personalized hot chocolate - all favors in this collection are designed to complement the weather outside and evoke images of toasting your toes by the warm fire.

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons (TW4801)

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

Certain to capture your guests' hearts, these charming ~ and practical ~ Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons add just the right touch, whether as wedding reception thank yous, bridal... $2.66 $1.99
Personalized Pint Glasses (TW3420s)

Personalized Pint Glasses

Your guests will be delighted to toast to the occasion when they fill these Personalized Pint Glasses with the spirits of their choice. You can choose from hundreds of unique designs and 15 colors... $2.83 $2.12
Angelic Candle Holder (TW3973)

Angelic Candle Holder

Give your guests the feeling of an angel watching over them with these Angelic Candle Holder favors. A spirited selection for any occasion, these angel candle holder favors will... $3.22 $2.42
Luminous Mini-Lantern (TW14006)

Luminous Mini-Lantern

Luninous Mini Lanterns

Imagine multiples of these a-light in the evening, casting a magical glow...these traditionally designed mini lanterns are the perfect favors! Each mini lantern has...
$3.66 $2.75
LOVE Glass Coaster Set of Four (TW27005)

LOVE Glass Coaster Set of Four

These substantial glass photo coasters are simple, practical and echo the theme of the celebration, especially a wedding shower or reception. Also ideal for black and white color schemes and... $2.93 $2.20
Mini Porcelain Teacup Tealight Holder (TW23012)

Mini Porcelain Teacup Tealight Holder

This luminous Miniature Porcelain Teacup Tealight Holder fits the elegance of your event to a... "T!" The gleaming white porcelain and the intricate silvery design add to the... $3.54 $2.65
Tea Time Heart Tea Infuser (TW13003)

Tea Time Heart Tea Infuser

Infuse your wedding or happy event with the Tea Time Heart Tea Infuser-classic romance in one unique wedding favor. From the heart-shaped infuser to the little heart cutouts on its... $2.66 $1.99
"Love Beyond Measure" Heart Spoons (TW13001)

"Love Beyond Measure" Heart Spoons

Isn't love like cooking? Combine the right ingredients and the result is heavenly! These whimsical yet useful Love Beyond Measure Heart Spoons will give your guests all they need... $3.59 $2.69
Crystal Long Stem Rose (TW2202)

Crystal Long Stem Rose

Classic and elegant, the Crystal Long Stem Rose is a luminous gesture of love or gratitude. Each favor measures 3 1/2" long and features a brilliant crystal bud atop a chrome... $2.44 $1.83
Silver Cross Themed Candle (TW5406)

Silver Cross Themed Candle

Add a tasteful shimmer to your Christian inspired event with these Silver Cross Design Candle Holders. Each frosted glass candle holder contains a poured candle center, and is... $1.81 $1.35
Silver Wedding Bell (TW4603)

Silver Wedding Bell

This is one gift that's Truly fun for your guests! These elegant, Silver Wedding Bells are a gleaming addition to any table, plus they add romance and revelry to your wedding... $2.66 $1.99
Personalized Frosted Glass Candle (TW5863S)

Personalized Frosted Glass Candle

Choose from hundreds of different designs as well as 15 colors--for any occasion! Cast a glow over your celebration and gift your guests with these Personalized Frosted Glass... $1.88 $1.41
Delightful Celestial Home Design Lantern (TW8983)

Delightful Celestial Home Design Lantern

These charming little cottages will create a romantic ambiance at your next special event, with the celestial feel of the night time sky and warm glowing candles. Place them on your tables or hang... $7.17 $5.38
Indian Jewel Lantern (TW14113NA)

Indian Jewel Lantern

No Indian or Southeast Asian wedding decor is complete without these beautiful jewel tone lanterns. Blending the elegance of the West with the vibrance of the East, these luminous elements feature... $14.64 $10.98
Classic Gold Lantern (TW14107NA)

Classic Gold Lantern

Illuminate your setting and make lasting memories with our beautiful Classic Gold Lantern. Crafted from matte gold metal and adorned with an all-over geometric design, each... $12.20 $9.15
Perfectly Plain Glass Jar with Place Card Holder (TW6780)

Perfectly Plain Glass Jar with Place Card Holder

Charm your guests, be creative: add a personal touch to your event tables using the Perfectly Plain Glass Jar with Place Card Holders! This simple yet clever idea is full of... $1.68 $1.26
Feathers Foil Favor Boxes (TW28236)

Feathers Foil Favor Boxes

Vibrant in gold and and a royal teal blue these Feathers Foil Favor Boxes are eye-catching enough to stand on their own yet subtle enough to blend into your wedding reception... $0.71 $0.53
A Star is Born Bookmark (TW14059)

A Star is Born Bookmark

While perfectly celebratory for baby showers "A Star is Born" Bookmark favor can be for ANY event with or without the included tag: anniversary or birthday party, QuinceaƱera,... $1.83 $1.37
"Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box (as little as .31/each-set of 24) (TW28164)

"Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box (as little as .31/each-set of 24)

As seen on "Hearts in Love" Rustic Favor Box: ideal for a celebration with natural touches and neutral color scheme. Fill the boxes with artisanal sweets,... $19.52 $14.64
Pinecone Place Card Holders (Set of 6) (TW25119)

Pinecone Place Card Holders (Set of 6)

Pinecone Place Card Holder. This charming miniature pinecone place card holder brings texture and a touch of the woodlands to the tablescape. Made of resin, each dark pinecone is... $8.42 $6.31
Ornate Heart Design Bottle Stopper (TW1451c)

Ornate Heart Design Bottle Stopper

Surprise your guests with these Ornate Heart Design Bottle Stoppers: each bottle stopper has an intricately designed silver metal heart atop a conical metal base. Romantic,... $2.61 $1.96
Rustic Wood Place Card Holder (TW22025)

Rustic Wood Place Card Holder

Natural yet elegant, our Rustic Real Wood Place Card Holder has real beauty. Your guests will appreciate displaying their favorite photo so simply once they have returned home.... $1.62 $1.21
Winter Wonderland Guest Book (TW448c)

Winter Wonderland Guest Book

Make an immediate impression and gather memories with the lovely Winter Wonderland Guest Book. Elegant, cheerful, this guest book has a sculpted resin base featuring embossed... $17.69 $13.27
Winter Wonderland Toasting Flutes (TW447c)

Winter Wonderland Toasting Flutes

Elegant and dreamlike these Winter Wonderland Toasting Flutes will sparkle for your toast! Both are designed in wintery blue and white with a sculpted resin base, snowflake motifs... $12.81 $9.61
Winter Wonderland Pen Set (TW446c)

Winter Wonderland Pen Set

Just the right touch for your wintertime wedding: a sparkling Winter Wonderland Pen Set. Designed in wintery blue and snowy white, this beautiful wedding-white pen... $6.10 $4.58
White Filigree Design Luminary Lantern (TW4151)

White Filigree Design Luminary Lantern

Send your guests home with these luminous mementos: our White Filigree Design Luminary Lanterns , ornamental artworks gracefully designed in intricate white-colored metal. The... $1.88 $1.41
Love Lights The Way Black Lanterns (TW4150)

Love Lights The Way Black Lanterns

Whatever occasion you are celebrating, the warm glow provided by Love Lights the Way Luminous Lanterns will be just the perfect touch. Whether you will use these lanterns as your... $3.34 $2.51
Personalized 10 Oz Glass Handy Mug (TW3425S)

Personalized 10 Oz Glass Handy Mug

Thank your guests for participating in your special day with a Personalized 10oz Handy Glass Mugs. Made in the USA and made to last, they can be used for either cold or hot. The... $3.42 $2.56
Winter Wonderland Candle Holders (TW1029C)

Winter Wonderland Candle Holders

These Winter Wonderland Candle Holders will give your wintertime event a beautiful glow...each votive holder features two shimmering snowflakes. 2" tall, they are a perfect touch... $1.22 $0.92
"Winter Dreams" Snowflake Favor Box (TW28116)

"Winter Dreams" Snowflake Favor Box

The "Winter Dreams" Snowflake Favor Box is elegant in its simplicity: white, slip-on top; intricate, precision-cut snowflake design and silver-gray satin ribbon and bow. And in an... $0.81 $0.61
Golden Renaissance Tealight Holder (TW20120)

Golden Renaissance Tealight Holder

These elegant "Golden Renaissance" Glass Tealight Holders are artistically designed to make your special day golden. Your guests will be impressed with their delicate filigree and shine. Each... $2.14 $1.60
Angel Flute/Candle Holder (TW8198)

Angel Flute/Candle Holder

Add warmth and light with these beautiful Angel Design Flute/Candle Holders The stem is crafted of a silvery poly resin with a lovely pewter look embellished with an angel touched... $3.29 $2.47
Murano Gold Tear Drop Bottle Stopper (TW3005C)

Murano Gold Tear Drop Bottle Stopper

The Murano Golden Tear Drop Bottle Stopper is an elegant way to thank your guests for sharing your special day: a tear-drop or flame-shaped glass charm in gleaming gold with black... $3.78 $2.84
Elegant Angel Bookmark (TW6515)

Elegant Angel Bookmark

Send your happy guests home from your love-filled day with the Elegant Angel Bookmark favor. This beautiful, cut-out design in the shape of a gowned angel is a silver-toned,... $1.17 $0.88
Elegant Snowflake Bookmark (TW6472)

Elegant Snowflake Bookmark

Complete your festive wintertime event with these Elegant Snowflake Bookmark favors, silver metal in the shape of a unique snowflake with fun hearts, stars and circle cutout... $1.39 $1.04
Shimmering Angel Ornament (TW8637)

Shimmering Angel Ornament

Doesn't a special event call for a special favor to send along home with your guests? The Shimmering Angel Ornament favor is a beautiful messenger of your thanks. This favor is an... $2.68 $2.01
Crystal Heart Place Card Holder (TW2251)

Crystal Heart Place Card Holder

Echo the love surrounding you by setting your tables with Crystal Heart Design Place Card Holder favors. Each is a multifaceted crystal base suggesting a heart attached to a... $2.76 $2.07
Personalized White Coffee Mug (TW3204S)

Personalized White Coffee Mug

These Personalized White Coffee Mugs will have a way of...perking up your guests! Select from hundreds of designs for any occasion: each mug is made of high quality white... $2.98 $2.23
Personalized Black Coffee Mug (TW3203S)

Personalized Black Coffee Mug

Give these Personalized Black Coffee Mugs as favors at your event and watch your guests...yes, perk up with delight! This is the perfect gift for wedding showers and receptions,... $3.68 $2.76
Twisted Stem Champagne Flute (TW3303S)

Twisted Stem Champagne Flute

Put a twist on your personalized favors with these Twisted Stem Champagne Flutes Choose simple and plain or from many designs for any occasion, 17 different colors and 8 fonts.... $3.68 $2.76
Personalized Champagne Flute (TW3412S)

Personalized Champagne Flute

Toast to any occasion with these Personalized Champagne Flutes. You can even see your completed design on the glass before you place your order! Choose from hundreds of different designs for all... $3.56 $2.67
Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses (TW3421s)

Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses

These Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses are the clear choice when it comes to classy favors. Choose from hundreds of different designs for any occasion. Then choose your color and enter your... $1.95 $1.46
Crystal Choice Angel Favors (TW2246)

Crystal Choice Angel Favors

Beloved as guardians who watch over those we love, angels are enduring symbols of faith, protection and hope. Each Crystal Choice Angel Favor measures 3" x 2 1/8" and is made of... $4.54 $3.40
Murano Glass Collection Heart Design Bottle Stopper (TW2102)

Murano Glass Collection Heart Design Bottle Stopper

The Murano Glass Collection Heart Design Bottle Stopper is inspired by the generations of Venetian glass masters of Italy. Measuring 4" x 1 1/2", this unique favor is comprised of... $4.59 $3.44
"Fleur-de-lis" Tea Light Holder (TW20097)

"Fleur-de-lis" Tea Light Holder

(SO SORRY: NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Place this symbol of royalty and tradition on your tables for an extra touch of elegance. The white frosted glass adds warmth to the exquisite silver fleur-de-lis... $2.20 $1.65

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